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One day our heroine, Marty, arrives uncharacteristically early to school to find a boy from another class leaving flowers on her desk. She hides before he can see her, not wanting the situation to become awkward. 

How will our nutty, hopelessly romantic, manga-loving protagonist deal with the situation?

She will try to recreate classic romantic scenes from her favorite mangas with her not-so-secret admirer, Matt, in order to get him to confess his feelings. Duh! Fortunately, her reluctant friend Warren is there to help. Will she succeed, or will all her plans fail miserably? Hint: it’s not the former.

- Since it's GlassHeart, you can expect a good, solid story that delivers its humorous parts well. :) I really loved Summer Found Me and, well, this one didn't disappoint. ^^ I'm looking forward to more of her games.
Review of Signed X, a romantic comedy visual novel by GlassHeart

- Despite it being short, the plot was well-developed. The whole story happened in less than a week I think, but at least... something did happen. Right? :) And it didn't feel rushed. That's the problem I have with plots that span a week: they feel rushed. But this one? Nope. We can see the "attempts" unfolding every scene.

- Even though, to be honest, Matt wasn't... the real main guy in this visual novel, I still liked him as a character. I think he's really sweet, and... you know, just... a good guy.

- I totally squealed at the end. <3 Warren's end I mean. I don't know, I've seen lots of movies and even visual novels with the adorable best friend (ahem, even Summer Found Me has one. Seth. Though I didn't like him as much as I like this one), but I simply never get tired of them! Warren's quirky and funny persona kinda made this game for me. <3 He's so cuuuute.
Review of Signed X, a romantic comedy visual novel by GlassHeart

- I like how the "twist" was a classic, yet still made unique in this game. I mean honestly. For those who've played this game, you'll know what I mean. :) We always see this kind of plot twist. But there's something special in the way it was presented in this visual novel. ^^ I like it.

- I have to comment on the GUI, coz I like it as well. The design is simple yet pleasing to the eyes. <3

- Some of the backgrounds didn't match the sprites. Not in the art or the hue or whatever it is that I usually notice in games, but... umm, it's sort of hard to explain. But I guess... the characters look almost giant because the angle of the ceilings are visibly sloping... forward? I don't... know. It just doesn't seem like we're looking at the sprites and the backgrounds from the same angle.

In short, this one is a short, simple story that is easy to play and find time for. It's only around 10, 000 words. I think I finished all endings in around 30 minutes? As you can see, it really doesn't take too much of your time so there's no excuse not to give this a try! :)
Review of Signed X, a romantic comedy visual novel by GlassHeart
I give this 8 out of 10 strawberries. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, (It's a NaNoRenO. I'm not underestimating them or anything, but they're usually shorter than your average visual novel. Usually.) but I did expect a good story and cute visuals, and this VN didn't disappoint me. And, I didn't expect to actually feel so giddy about this, but I did! :) Like I said, I was totally squealing in Warren's end. <3 Omoooooo. I think this VN is such a feel-good novel that everyone will enjoy playing it. Lol. :))

Download it here! :)
Review of Signed X, a romantic comedy visual novel by GlassHeart

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  1. It seems cute~
    I'll definitely have a look at it ♪

  2. It really is cute Himeka! Haha. You won't regret playing it. :")


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