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I just finished playing Idol Crush! Kyaaaaaaaa~! :">

Idol Crush is a visual novel with a cute logo and 3 cute boys to match. It is made by SnowflowerProductions. The graphics are really cute, but the sprites, music, and backgrounds are all credited to Bass. You can find out more about Idol Crush here.

idol crush review

Idol Crush is short and sweet, although Ichiro's path was way too short for my liking. The author did a good job with the characters, as they look fantastic. The rooftop soundtrack is lovely. Is it just me, or does it really sound like Utada Hikaru's First Love? :D Hm, honestly I don't really mind, I love that song.

kan takahashi idol crush
kan takahashi idol crush


There are 3 guys to choose from, and I decided to follow Kan's path first. I made the right choice, because it is definitely the sweetest path of the three. Kan Takahashi is like the delinquent type of boy in the game.  He is anti-social and always hangs out in the rooftop for some peace and quiet. Most people are afraid of him because of some very bad rumors they hear about him.

I think Kan's type of guy is very commonly seen in most manga, VN and anime. :) You know, boys like Natsume Hyuuga, Sasuke Uchiha and the like. The don't-mess-with-me type of guys.  Anyway, what I love the best about him is that he really isn't a bad boy type at all. If the author wanted to make him look that way, I think she kinda failed, because he didn't give me that kind of aura. That is, unless if you pick the wrong choice and choose to run away from him the first time you meet, then he'll sort of shout at you and order you around. But if you make the right choices, he's as nice as nice could be. So, nope, definitely not the bad boy type. Just socially awkward. :D Still, the author did a really good job on the dialogue, coz I kept inwardly squealing  while playing his path.

I just wish she could've told us about more his backstory so we could understand  why people think of him that way. Oh well. Nevertheless, Kan's path was a very enjoyable experience.

ichiro fujiwara idol crush


Ichiro Fujiwara is the kind of guy every girl dreams of. Well, maybe some only secretly dream of him. But anyway, he is the perfect gentleman, a clear embodiment of a Prince Charming. Even I want a boyfriend like him. Hahahaha! :D Seriously. Ichiro is handsome, kind, intelligent, and athletic. He is the student council's president and the basketball team's captain. What could any girl wish for? He's got the looks and the brains. And he's got a heart. *how cheesy*

There's only one problem in this path though. A big one, I should say. See, while following Ichiro's path I felt... nothing. Yeah, nothing. No thump-thump-thump unlike Kan's, or even Jun's. Nothiiing. Wala man lang kilig. (For Filipinos out there.) And his story is so short! I can give you all the answers to his good ending path right now. 

*1. Library 2. Go find Ichiro-senpai 3, I'll drop by. *

And that's it. Super short, ne? No offense meant to anyone but I think his dialogue is a bit bland. Makes you wonder why he suddenly liked Miyuki all of a sudden too. The love story between them just sounds a little bit forced. But despite that, I'm not saying that Ichiro's path is bad. It's just that, it's not as good as the others. 

jun yamamoto idol crush


Ahh, Jun Yamamoto. The naive bestfriend who's oblivious to Miyuki's feelings. Jun is, strictly speaking, like a young child. He's carefree and energetic, and he doesn't understand girls very much. Many girls run after him because he is a member of the basketball team and because... umm.... because he's so handsome. At first glance he may seem like a playboy, with all those girls constantly following him around. In truth he's just afraid of rejecting them and doesn't quite know how to do it. He and Miyuki have been friends for a long time.

I had fun in Jun's path. :D I got both the good ending and the neutral one. Both are actually nice. I don't have much to say about this path. In the beginning it was not romantic at all, but near the end it just kinda, um, spilled out. Hahahaha. Oh, spoiler: Jun's path is the only one with a kissing scene! :">

Idol Crush is free, and I say you should definitely download it and try it out.

7 strawberries. If you're looking for a short but sweet game to pass the time, I say you won't be disappointed. The art is lovely, the music is great, and to me it's only Ichiro's path that has a real flaw in it. Overall, this was really an enjoyable experience for me.

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8 berries

  1. thankyou!! im searching for vn (low memory) ^^

  2. any visual novel with low memory?
    40 - 80 mb????????

  3. @gacchan: You're welcome! Hmm, both Anyo's Love and Night-of-the-Forget-me-Nots (I posted something about them here) are small but cute vn's. They're both under 40MB I believe.
    If you're looking for a good, longer (romance) vn though, Re:alistair is a very nice choice. It's 85mb large but I'm not sure if that's the download size.
    Another good one is "don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story" It's all about... um, the impact of technology on teens today. Hahaha. It's really really good. Plus it's only 53mb.
    I haven't reviewed those here though, but if you want, I can give you the links. :)

  4. umm do you have a free download link for this game?????

  5. @zoey kitkat: Yup! I actually placed it up there. :) Click the word "download" near the end of the post please.

  6. Yup! I actually placed it up there. :) Click the word "download" near the end of the post please.

  7. is this any good? any other bad points?
    i read your post but i want a straight answer :)

  8. Yes. It's quite good, especially considering the fact that it's the maker's first VN. However, the art and the music are all from BASS.

    The only bad point I can think of here is the length of the VN. It's very short... too short I should say. The love stories also seem rushed and in Ichiro's path, forced.

    But if you're just looking for a quick fix, or when you're bored, you should give this a try. :) Made me smile a few times you know.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)


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