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Hi guys!

I'm Ran, a college student from the Philippines who blogs during her free time. And her... well, not-so-free time as well.

I enjoy blogging. A lot. Haha. Writing is one of my passions. I keep like a gazillion journals and planners at home, and it's a pain to figure out which part of my cabinet could still be packed with notebooks of all colors and sizes. But these days, I don't have much time to write on paper with pens, so I turn to screens and keyboards instead.

Visual novels are also my thing. So is anime. And books. And videogames. And food. Oh, most especially the latter. But visual novels, yeah. As a voracious reader, I just love visual novels, with all the interesting stories coupled with beautiful art and sentimental or action-packed music and... and everything! It's really cool. Totally. And since I love talking and writing about things that I love, well.

Yeah, I love this blog.

Feel free to check out every nook and cranny of this part of my online world. :")


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