Doki Doki Literature Club is the epitome of 'don't judge a book by its cover'

genre: BxG 11/27/2017

Why the visual novel Emily is Away is painful to read

genre: drama 11/26/2017

Visual Novel Review: Straight-up: Sisterzoned

event: nanoreno 10/25/2017

Demo Review: BookSLEEPer

demo 10/22/2017

Visual Novel Review: This, My Soul

event: nanoreno 10/14/2017

Visual Novel Review: Pairs

event: nanoreno 10/10/2017

Visual Novel Review: Moonlight Crossing

event: nanoreno 10/06/2017

Kinetic Novel Review: Round the Mulberry Bush

genre: kinetic 2/23/2017

Otome Review: The First Star

genre: drama 2/18/2017

Otome Demo Review: Beauty & The War: X Playing Pieces

demo 2/10/2017

Otome Review: Christmas Sweaters

genre: GxB 2/03/2017
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