Visual Novel Review: Anyo's Love


Yay! I just finished another VN today. :D It's entitled Anyo's Love, made by Antique Ivy. 

Anyo Balfourme is a senior studying in Antique Ivy, a prestigious school for rich and smart students. Lately she finds herself drained of energy and always fall asleep in class. One day, after another tiring lesson, her friend's psychic little sister, Rei, tells her that a ghost princess has attached itself to her, which is the reason why she's been feeling tired all the time. If it continues sucking her life energy, she would die. And what is the only thing that could save her? True love's kiss.

The story is very short, one can finish it in around 5-10 minutes. It's just a mini-game, but for something like that, it is quite enjoyable. Anyo's Love is very simple, with only one boy, Leo, and 4 endings. Despite that I find this game quite sweet. The graphics are lovely too, and they remind me of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

I'm a bit disappointed with the length, as it is very short, but the game is amusing. The special ending is... um... I dunno, weird. It gave me the creeps. xD Maybe it's his face that disturbed me, but I just didn't like it, although it is pretty funny I guess. :D

A sweet game that VN fans should definitely try out. You can find more information about it here. Oh, and it's available in German too. :)

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