Visual Novel Review: Night of the Forget-Me-Nots


Lately I've been really interested in playing visual novels, or VNs for short.

night of the forget me nots visual novel review

This isn't really such a great thing, especially with classes starting next week. :D

But anyway, while looking for free VNs, I chanced upon this one with a horror genre, Night of the Forget-Me-Nots by Jewel Box.

About the game:
Author: Jewel Box
Translator: Eien Ni Hen
Genre: Horror

"Makoto is on her way to the drama club’s spring retreat when she gets lost in the woods, so she’s pretty glad to meet up with another lost kid. Taking him under her wing, she heads for the old school where the retreat is going to take place, blissfully unaware of what lies in wait..."

Short and simple, it's not really scary. But when I first read it I didn't know that, so every few minutes I had my hand covering part of the screen, afraid of what I would see. ^_^

The horror feeling it gives only lasts for a few minutes though, because after you finish a few endings you'd probably just be bored with it. Calling it boring would be pretty wrong though, because unlocking the endings is quite exciting for me. The story is not very predictable on the first few endings too, so that is definitely a plus. But if you are the kind of person who loves a good story, you should definitely try to get all endings because I think the story is worth it. Hahahaha. The plot is quite common for this genre, but it's still touching.

There are 15 endings and you survive in four of them which is not so bad. :) If you unlock them all you will get all the pieces to the story. I finished the "Forget-Me-Nots" ending last, but it left me with my mouth hanging open. Well, because it was the most touching. Sort of like drama/romance already actually.

The game has a good story line that I found very touching. Music is pretty good, and I liked the theme, although it is quite creepy.

night of the forget me nots visual novel review

The text is simple, very easy to read. There are no characters, well, there are, but you don't see any of them. The whole game is just made of backgrounds and the occasional 'horror' factor in the story, like, um, a hand appearing.

night of the forget me nots visual novel review

Overall I really liked it. ;) Not for the horror VN that it is though, but because of the touching story within. :D I'm actually glad I played it at night. Kinda gave me the creeps when I went down to the kitchen to get some water. ;)

I give this visual novel 3.5 / 5 stars. ^^ It's pretty much okay, however, the lack of sprites was quite a downer for me.

Anyway it's free, so you should try it out and see for yourself. You can download the translated version here

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2 berries

  1. no image of the characters just the backround. this is lame

  2. @GlottisLevi Guelos Well, I suppose having no characters does make it a bit boring, but the story makes up for it anyway. :) There are other horror VNs with characters though, so those may be your cup of tea.


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