Review: The Insidious Manipulation of Mr. Jones


Hi guys! :)

I discovered this little gem of a visual novel while I was looking through my desktop folders. It's really neat.

It used to say "The Insidious Manipulation of Mr. Jones." Really.
It's a cool game, haha, and it sort of re-defines this whole "dating sim" genre for me, since this is... err, quite a literal dating sim one. ;)

In the story, you get to meet this girl, Eve, who is said to be a dangerous gynoid or robot. The plan is to disable her so that she won't get in the way of the government and stuff. And to do that, only you, Mr. Jones, can use your handsomeness to seduce her.

Thank you.
It's not hard at all to flatter her, since it's just like talking to a real person, or... dating one, in this case. Since the game is pretty short too, like, around 20-30 minutes for one route, you won't need a walkthrough for this one. Plus, it's more fun to get the answers yourself! I like how realistic the dialogues are. ;) It's kinda like a hit or miss thing with this game.

Haha, yes, I know that in a way, otome games are simulation games for us when it comes to romantic situations, but  in this one, since the girl is supposedly a robot, it's your job to say the right things not to actually get her, but to "seduce" her enough so you can disable her system.

Still, there are tips that would be quite helpful even in real life!

Boys, take note of this. Haha.
See? The whole is like a basic tutorial on the right things to say when you're dating. And that's basically it, since a doctor and your "chief" guides you all throughout the game. You can even choose to have your WIS (Wisdom) on and your choices will be practically picked out for you already, you just need to click them.

I  kinda agree with this one.
Playing this was really fun. Haha. The ending kinda took me by surprise, since I wasn't really expecting it, but... oh, I don't know. I guess I kinda expected it, but I didn't want to believe it. Haha. Still, I loved the endings. I love how the writer broke the fourth wall in a way (although he didn't actually... talk to us) and revealed the truth to those two men pictured above.

Actually, the writing in the whole VN struck me as something quite deep, yet casual enough that I... felt it. Sometimes even the deepest of feelings get lost with the shallow emotions you know. And with the plot twists, well, what do you know. They do make a lot of sense, huh. :)

Sooooo, just play it you guys. :) I love visual novels a lot (that's why I review them! Haha) and I especially like dating sims. So, yes, I have my own opinion about them. However, it is quite nice to have a new perspective on playing dating sims. ^^

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