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I don't usually post things regarding my own projects these days, but... haha, I have to say something about the reasons why I haven't been able to review visual novels lately. :))

I've been a bit busy with school and when I do have free time, with my own VN project, Seasons of Love. Let's just say that I really enjoy script writing. Lol. I have to admit, sometimes I do get mental blocks where I am unable to make decent scenes and events, buuuut I still really love writing this story. Hahaha. :))

Anyway, I recently updated the placeholder art for this game, which I am using for beta-testing and... such. I got them from Tokudaya. It's amazing how they can be used for free for freeware games. Thank you so much for the creator of this site, and these sprites! They just look so... beautiful.

seasons of love visual novel placeholder art kaname miyamoto
Placeholder Kaname is so hawt. <3
seasons of love visual novel placeholder art satsuki andou
Placeholder Satsuki may not be a redhead, but I think the expression perfectly portrays his character.
seasons of love visual novel art placeholder takashi satou
Takashi, the big brother type. Placeholder Take is more like a boy next door, but isn't he such a cutie?

See? See? :) They're really quite a sight to see. I'm still so excited for this game's own art, but who wouldn't be inspired to write with such handsome characters like this? Wahahaha. :))

Anyway, once we have our own art, I think I'm gonna use these sprites for another project. Hahaha. They're really so beautiful. <3

Oh! By the way, speaking of Tokudaya's art, did you know that Rei and don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story, and even work-in-progress Ichigo! uses some of these sprites as well? Some of you might know that I just love love love those VNs so much. <3

Well, that's it for updates. Hahaha. I post our progress in the Seasons of Love site, and also in the LemmaSoft Thread.

Thanks for reading! <3

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