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Sorry for the lack of reviews lately! I've been so busy with school and everything. Hahaha. Sorry.

Zayay visual novel review zayo
[Visual Novel][Romance?][Otome?][BxPlayer][Horror???]
Zayo Byron is the last person you want to meet while wandering around alone at night. Well, guess what fate has brought to you~

Zayo Byron
Sells bones for a living. He's a really weird guy, and don't let his looks fool you! Zayo may look like a cute bunny, but he's far from it.

Zayay visual novel review zayo eleola
A forest nymph. Was mistaken for a denial bear/a wanted criminal lurking in the forest.

Zayay visual novel review zayo deamond
The god of the land of Zayo.

I like the concept, it was a fresh change for me after all. However, warning to all those potential players: this is a very dark game. I mean it. Although the art is cutesy, the story is NOT. It involves death and... the pyschopathic tendencies of the main character.

Zayay visual novel review zayo
Does THIS look like a murderer to you?
To be honest, I don't know which ending I get every time. Haha. There are apparently 5 endings, but they aren't labeled so I don't really know. I got the evil smile ending, the emotionless ending, the one where you leave Zayay ending, and 2 others, so I guess I got all. And I also unlocked the extra content, Zayo's interview. You'll see just how twisted his mind is in this bonus content. He's like, the worst person ever. :)

But I guess that's what made this game so unique. Haha. It's supposed to be an otome in a way I guess, the only difference is that the boy will always be trying to kill you. Hahaha. And I think the "good" ending in this game is actually the endings where Zayo will kill you. Bummer.

Also, one thing I both loved and hated about this visual novel is that every experience is a unique one. Even if you choose the same choices, there will always be something different in his answers, so you can never be sure. Hahaha. Zayo once named me Lellow, and another time, Honeydew. :))

Everything, apart from the songs by Kevin MacLeod, was made by Alera by the way. The amazing art and the script are all hers. However, it's also apparently a fan work. Zayo and the other characters are from Souls of Chaos.

I give this VN an 8/10 strawberries. :) Pretty good, and although this is so short, it'll take you an hour or two to get all the endings you want. Personally it took me 2 hours to play it, and another half hour to take screenshots and make this blog post about it. Hihihi. ^^

Sooo, play it you guys. It was a NaNo project, and I remember playing this a few months ago, but I only completed the endings just now. Haha.

Download links here.

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