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Staying at home when you're sick is a pretty boring thing to do. Well, that is, if you have something to do while at home. Sheesh.

I'm glad I found some old DVDs here! Haha. Right now I'm watching Hercules on my trusty laptop, and I can't believe how nostalgic I am feeling right now. :))

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I think I first watched this when I was still a baby, haha, because I wasn't even born yet when it was first released in 1997, but I remember that it has always been one of my favorite movies ever!

And now that I'm a bit older, I realized some subtle... err... "symbolism" in this film. Haha, I'm gonna let you guys figure out what they are, but the one with the Cupid thingy is totally my favorite.

And actually, my favorite parts of the movie happen after this part so... let's start here. :")

You remember the scene where Megara asks Hercules out on a date in order to find out his weakness? And well, she even pretended to trip, blaming it on her "weak ankles".

hercules review movie megara
Ankles, shmankles.
 Hercules, the ever so gentlemanly hero, helps her of course, after which she starts "discreetly" seducing him. 

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
Herc looks terrified.
After all, her mission is to find out about his weaknesses. If he does that, she'll be granted her freedom. If he's not wiped out before the planets are aligned, then Hades is doomed. His plan would certainly fail. So he uses Meg to discover the weak link in Wonder Boy's chain. But Meg isn't really an evil person to do that to Herc.

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
Poor Hercules.
And when all else fails, she just sorts of... gives up. Hercules is oblivious to all this (awww, he's super adorable!) and even opens up to her, saying that when he was younger, all he wanted was to be like everyone else. Meg, most probably regretting her previous actions and referring to herself, asks, "You want to be petty and dishonest?" 

Herc is surprised, and tells her not everyone is like that. Heck, she's not like that! Right........?

Meg is probably feeling oh so guilty at this moment, and asks him how he knows for sure. And Hercules says my third favorite line in this whole movie.

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes!
hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
*squeal* Just look at the way Megara looks up at Hercules like that! Ayieee, so sweet. <3 Haha, it's like she's been hit by one of Cupid's...

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
I can't believe I missed this part. Hahaha. That part of the movie is the part where she... totally falls in love with Hercules for real, and, to symbolize that, she accidentally, literally, got poked by the mini statue of Cupid and his arrow. :) Awww, so cuuute! I totally couldn't stop laughing at this part.

And it's so obvious Meg likes Herc, she just keeps denying it, until the very end. Hahaha. She even has this singing scene where where the whole song is all about denying her feelings. All it did was to further prove how much she liked him though. :)

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
Girls can be such fickle creatures.
It happens on one of my favorite scenes. Hercules trades his superhuman strength for Meg's safety, but Meg risks her life in order to save Herc from being crushed by a falling pillar. Herc's strength immediately returns, but Meg is now on the verge of dying. And when Hercules asks her why she did it, her answer is short and sweet.

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
True, true. I totally agree.
Awwww! Hahaha. Well, I guess that is true. Anyway, Herc, enraged that Meg might die, goes to the Underworld to retrieve her soul. He too, risks it all for her, and just as he was about to die, his thread of life become a golden one, which the Fates couldn't cut. He had turned into a god!

Back on Earth, they're all thrilled, and the scene is made more special when Meg wakes up with Hercules looking at her. She asks him back why he went to the Underworld, risking his life, just for her. He answers her with her own line...

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
This is so much better than the usual "I love you" in movies.
Eeeeeeek, they're super duper sweet! A cloud then swoops them up into the sky, and they are greeted by the other gods and goddesses of Olympus, including Hera and Zeus, Hercules' parents in this film.

They explain to him that the only thing that can determine whether or not he could live on Olympus, is what's inside of him.
hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
See?! The outside isn't everything.
Since now, he is an immortal, he's allowed to live on Olympus with his true parents.

Finally, after 18 long years!

Hercules movie review, summary, quotes, images
Looks like an uber cool place to live in.
Having reached his lifelong dream, Hercules, overjoyed of course, turns to Megara... only to see her walking away from him. Although she is happy for Wonder Boy, she's also sad for herself. He's a god now, and he's going to live on Olympus. And she's not immortal, so she can't be with him anymore.

But as Hercules looks at her, he realizes something quite important. All his life he dreamt to be like everybody else. And he was willing to become a hero just to feel like he belonged. But now, after he had finally reached his dream, he realizes that what he had been looking for, was with him this whole time.

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
So after doing so many heroic deeds, trying to be a hero just to be able to become an immortal and live with his parents and the other gods and goddesses, he realizes in the end that he doesn't need to be "just like everybody else" in order to feel like he belonged.

hercules movie review uchiharan megara quotes
Awwwwww. This is my favorite line.
And that's that, my friends. Hercules is one of my favorite animated films of all time, and I totally love it. <3 And the theme song is just so awesome! You know "Go The Distance"? I love love love that song. Especially the German version. Woohoo. I love German. I can't speak it, but I'm trying to learn how. Haha.

I doubt that you guys here have never heard about Hercules, but if you haven't yet, oh my, you just have to go watch it! It's totally amazing, I promise. Haha. Given that... it's not how it actually happened in the mythology, but still, it's a really great adaptation. :))

P.S. It's my first time to make GIFs, so I apologize if some are a bit sucky! -___- :)

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