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Hello! This review here is a request from this super sweet reader, WildSpiritLover. :) 

boku no shokora review my chocolate
I'm so sorry if it took so long, I had been kinda busy with school this past week but, here it is. ^^ Thank you so much WSL for the recommendation by the way.

Boku no Shokora, or in English "My chocolate", is exactly about what it says on the title. :)

Komachi, a girl who packs a punch, literally, tries to free her little brother Youta from "kidnapper"  pretty boy Takaomi. And how will she do this? By feeding him her very own homemade chocolate.

Seriously, this game starts out really confusing and hilarious at the same time. We're thrust in the middle of the story without any background information on the plot, other than the fact that Youta was kidnapped by Takaomi and he would only give him back for Komachi's chocolate. It's quite funny, although there are a couple of moments that would leave you scratching your head. Everything would only come to light after you get all 4 endings. The game is really short though, maybe around 2 hours for the whole thing, so it's definitely not a waste of time. :")

boku no shokora my chocolate visual novel review

Anyway, I really like the characters, since they're all so lovable! There are only 3 of them, but the makers put a lot of heart into their work. And the art is lovely! Especially the CGs. I mean it. Takaomi is just so hot. Oh, and I find Komachi's punches to be absolutely funny, though it did get a bit too repetitive and annoying as time went by. She reminded me of Kagome who always "sits" Inuyasha, and I found that quite annoying too when she did it too many times without a valid reason. It's all personal though. Hahaha.

You can download the English patched game here! Don't forget to change your System Locale to Japanese though, or this won't work. Don't worry, it's really quite easy. Just go to the Control Panel, then go to Clock, Language and Region (or Region and Language). Click the Administrative tab, then Change System Locale to Japanese (Japan). This can easily be changed back to English once you’re done playing by following the same directions and selecting English instead of Japanese.

boku no shokora my chocolate visual novel review

Check it out, okay guys? :") And you might want to leave a comment here too if you do. Hahaha.
7/10 strawberries. A bit too short for me, but the art and music are totally beautiful, and the plot is not bad as well. The game was truly enjoyable like a sweet slice of... chocolate.

P.S. Takaomi is a German boy? Ohhh, he's super duper adorable. :") Haha. I would love to learn German. Lol. It's my dream to learn that language after Japanese. ^___^ 

boku no shokora my chocolate visual novel review

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  1. This game seems cool :) I will try it out right now! Thanks!


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