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Rei is a typical highschool teenager born into a not-so-typical family. Because of his wealthy background and very strict parents, he became a "bully" and an arrogant jerk to his classmates. But when one accident claims his life and transforms him into the school's resident ghost, he partners up with Aya, a first year student who can see him, to try and reverse his fate.

rei visual novel supernatural
- The story has a dark theme, but it's so full of fluff! :") Weeeeee, such a fluffy story. It makes my heart race. The scenes between Aya and Rei are just so kilig-worthy. They give me that giddy feeling I look for in these visual novels. :")

- The plot is deep, and it's quite unique in it's own way, despite the supernatural theme being a bit too common in these kinds of stories. I like it a lot.

- The game was made in 3 days for PPHS Dating Sim Jam, but it's very well-done. :) The sprites and... well, everything else was from free resources. I have to commend the writer, Sonnet009 for doing such a splendid job with the script.

- I just find Risa adorable. :") Oh, and Rei is super duper cute too! Even when he was still the "meanie" Rei, he was already such a cutie.

- As some of you may know, I am a sucker for stories that contain time traveling. Therefore, I want to say this over and over again: I simply love this.

- I love all the conversations Aya had with Rei. :") Awwwww. I just... find everything so nice and fluffy. :") Love love love.

rei visual novel supernatural

- The story is really touching. Really, that's all I can say about the whole game. It's so touching and... filled with heartfelt emotions. I can't believe it... I totally can't believe the twist. It's sad, really. But... I'm still happy for them.

SPOILER: While Ghost Rei was disappearing, these were his last words: "Death didn't change me. You did." Super aaaaaawwww. :"> The dramatic fangirl within me is squealing to get out. Oh man. I love you writer. Hahahaha. =) (I got the Memory ending, and I don't think I want to get the others if they're sad. Lol. I'm happy with this happy ending!)

Please try it out! :) It's a really nice touching story filled with fluffy moments that will make your heart leap with joy. ^_^ Here's the LemmaSoft thread!

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