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summer paradise visual novel

You will be playing as a teenage girl who is returning to her hometown for a summer vacation after nine long years. She rekindles old friendships and makes new ones, while reminiscing about the past. Her grandmother tells her that she has to find a date for the upcoming town festival, or else she will be set up with a guy she doesn't even know. Will she manage to choose a guy, or will she be forced to be partnered up with a stranger? Will she even go to the dance at all?

Summer Paradise is a short GxB, slice of life visual novel set in the Philippines.


Casey (Default)
- a 16-year-old who transferred to the country's capital when she was 7. She left behind a lot of things, including the people she loved the most. Now that she's back, it's up to her to make for all the lost time.

- Always the big brother type, Arvin is one of Casey's closest friends. He is the one who always supported her whenever she needed help.

- If Casey had a twin, then it's probably going to be James. He and Casey have known each other since birth, having lived beside each other for as long as they could remember.

- Casey's childhood bestfriend and secret crush. After nine long years of not seeing each other, Mark has suddenly changed from being a fun-loving kid into a serious and distant young man.

- Arvin's friend and groupmate. He's going away to college at the end of summer.

- Luz is Casey's closest girl friend. She is bubbly and and very naive.

- James' crush and Mark's ex girlfriend. She and Casey never became friends when they were younger.

I decided to take a short break from Seasons Of Love. Just a week-long break. Since I was stuck on one part, I decided that it was time to take a short rest from that story in order to refresh my mind and also to think up of new ideas.

However, after playing Nacira, I was inspired to create another visual novel! ^_^

I just thought, "I like Nacira because the maker included Javanese culture in it. Why not make a visual novel set in the Philippines?" And so... tada~! My first release, the visual novel Summer Paradise was born.

The game contains 4,000 dialogue blocks, containing 30,360 words and 163,762

characters, for an average of 7.6 words and 41 characters per block.The game contains 24 menus, 80 images, and 12 screens.

Okay, I have to admit, it's fairly long for a "short" visual novel, but it's certainly a lot shorter than Seasons of Love. I really enjoyed making this game. ^_^ It's just so fun to make visual novels that are set in your own hometown. :3 I actually kinda based the whole game on my life. Hahaha. But the bottom line is, making this was really so much fun.

At first, the plot wasn't so serious, just a simple "Who will I dance with?" story, but as I wrote it, I got so many ideas that it got somehow complicated. Please tell me if the story is not clear enough, or if I some parts didn't make sense. :) I had a lot of flags in this visual novel since I tried to match the player's reactions and statements based on the events that happened to them. =) The way I routed this VN is very different from SOL and this is my first time to program a visual novel to the end. ^^ I'd like to know what are the many things I can improve on. (And I know there are lots and lots! Especially with the paths, and the writing. Is it boring? :( Too off-topic or something?)

Since this was just a week long project though, I got all of the art and sounds from free resources. :) All I really contributed to this project was the writing. =) Oh, and Itwasneveradream was super duper nice! <3 She's the one who made the logo. :")

Like I said, I got all the art and music from free resources. These are not mine, okay, guys? :) All these awesome art belong to their respectful owners. They may not know me, but still, I thank them so much for all of these!

Sprites: From BASSnovel, by 櫻野露 and 可蘿露卡露琪.
Backgrounds: BASSnovel
Music: Noveler's Material, Kevin MacLeod (I know it's discouraged, but I like some of his tracks... ^_^)

I hope you guys check it out! And please, tell me what you think? ^_^ (Nicely, I hope. Hahaha.)
Thank you very much~!

Download for windows!
Download for mac!
Download for Linux!

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  1. Umm..... so I downloaded this game and too bad TTT___TTT

    It says error~ TTT_TTT :(((((((( I really am waiting for this!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE FEVAR!!!!! >_< So I'm a bit disappointed..... :(((((

    And maybe there's a way..... pwease tell me there's a way *puppy eyes* Pwease...........

    Anyways, I REALLY LOVE THE ART!!!!!! XD ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    I wish I can draw like Ü

    Also I'm a Filipino like Ü And........ Sorry kung paganito ganito pa akuh d pa mag Tagalog hehehe xD

  2. Hi Kasumi! :)

    Oooh, your username is very close to my online alias. Teehee. ^^ Oh, I appreciate your interest! Thank youu~

    But yes, too bad! Omo, I wonder what could be wrong? :( How did it say error? Like... what did the error message say?

    Hahaha, the art is not mine. It's from BASS. I put the links up there. :) I also wish I could draw like that. *sighs*

    Aha~ That's alright! And you'll learn soon if you haven't yet! It's nice to hear from a Filipino like you. ^_^

  3. I'm shocked. There's also a Filipino in here with the same interests as me. OMG. I'm also a high school junior, but anyway...

    I'm just curious. What engine did you use for this? I mean, I usually use Ren'Py for these things and I uninstalled Novelty because I was kind of...not comfortable with it. I'm a codes person but I just want to know.

  4. Haha, oh, that's great. We have a lot in common! ^^

    I used Renpy. :) I'm not a codes person, but I found the codes in this game easy. I only had a hard time with the paths and the flags. Hahaha!

    I've tried Novelty before, but I didn't stay with it long enough to actually make anything or see it in its entirety. ^^ It's supposed to be very easy and beginner friendly though, right? :)

  5. Yeah. I honestly downloaded it first before Ren'Py and I was completely confused when I first opened it so I uninstalled it. And I downloaded Ren'Py after. I'd like to try your game if I have some time. How much time did it take you to code this?

  6. Hello! This is my first time downloading a visual novel(I dont download things very often because so afraid it will mess with my computer but I saw this and fell in love...not good at downloading things to begin with though....) I tried downloading it but all that happened was it sent me a file full of things....and most of the things my omputer wont cconfused....if anyone know how to help me please message back!!!! :)

  7. Hi Bella! :)
    Aww, I hope you'd get to try it! :) The file is a zip folder. Just unzip it and load the application that's entitled Summer Paradise and you're good to go. ^^ Please give it a try!
    And thanks!

  8. This was a very nice VN to play, the ending was totally unexpected, I was hoping to date James and I thought I had taken all the right decissions towards his direction and ..sheesh! Vaughan? lol, didn't see that one coming. But he was mature and handsome so no troubles. However I would like to try James, do you have an endings guide or something??

  9. Thank you very much for the kind words Lori. :)

    Haha, awww, Vaughn's route is actually parallel to Arvin's and the direct opposite of James' and Mark's. ^^

    And yup. There's a walkthrough posted on the game's site.

    There you go! Thank you for playing the game! I hope you get James' endings. :)

  10. its not really working >_< i DONT KNOW!!!!!!! always say error when i open it >_< and its not working on zip >_<" I really like the game i wish i can play it but its not working!!!!!!!!! and how i can download it like that !!!! hai nako

  11. I have a feeling this will be awesome!

  12. Wow, thank you so much! I hope I don't disappoint you. :)

  13. Oh, wow, thank you so much for your interest Cleo! :)
    Please try downloading from this link:

    If it still doesn't work, please tell me, okay? :) Again, thank you so much!

  14. i REAAALLY want to play this but mediafire is a blocked site from the internet connection in my dorm T.T please inform me of another way to download this.

  15. Hello Fate! I'm sorry if it doesn't work. Let's see... after you downloaded the zip file, extracted it somewhere, and then clicked the application, did it show an error message or something? Please let me know about the problem so I can try to fix it. Thank you. :)

  16. Haha, I see. :) Thanks for the interest. I hope you'll like it. A single path will not take too long.

    Hmm, I wrote the script as I coded, so I did the writing and the programming at the same time. Hahaha. I'm not a fan of proofreading, but I think I will be once I move on to bigger projects. For this one, coding was easy for the most part, but I did experience programmer's hell with the routes and flags. :x I'd say it took me about 8-10 hours a day for 3 days to complete the plotting, writing, programming, and everything that has something to do with the script. ^^ The other 3 days, I used to find the art, music, and to get some ideas. :)

  17. it says on WinZip, cannot open file. broken daw siya. </3

  18. :((( the file is damaged daw. *sobs*

  19. Hmm, minsan nangyayari yan sakin pag mali or incomplete yung pagka-download ko. :o I've downloaded the file, but since there was an error while downloading, the file couldn't be opened. Maybe that's the problem? :) Try re-downloading. ^^
    Thanks for checking this game out though. :)

  20. Huhu. Nakakapagcode ka pa rin ba kahit may pasok?

  21. hi how did you make those pictures their faces are amazing!

  22. Hey Bethy. :)
    Haha, do you mean the sprites? If so, thank you. :3 However, those aren't made by me; I just got them from BASS, a site for free visual novel resources. There are also various sprites and backgrounds there. :)

  23. Hi there. Thanks. I have already downloaded and played a little. But since I wanted to save some screenshot of this freaking hot game, I pressed "S" sometimes but later on I couldn't find a single one.

    Help me please! T_T

  24. Hello there!

    Thank you very much for playing! How are you finding the game? :) Oh, and... I'm really sorry, but the "s" for screenshots doesn't work on this game. Haha. Sorry, I was still a newbie when I made this. I'm... sort of mediocre now. Hahaha. :D

    To get a screenshot, you can simply use the Win+PrtSc button for windows, or just PrtSc then paste to Paint. Sorry if I can't do much to help. :(

    Anyway, I'll try to incorporate that in my next games. Thanks again!

  25. Thank you you're so kind to reply every single comment :D
    I'm playing it now and it's still interesting to me so far, the storyline is getting more and more exciting than I expected. Wow you're a pro girl!

    I'll try to finish the game as soon as possible.

  26. Well, you're so kind to take your time to leave comments on my blog. :)

    Thank you! Ack, this was my first game. Admittedly, it has lots of weird errors and typos, haha, so... I apologize for those. Thank you very much for the interest, though! I really appreciate it.

    And oh, no, no way. =) I've only released 2 VNs so far, and I'm still learning lots of stuff every day.

    Thank you! Feel free to share your thoughts with me, either here or in the [url=""]"official" page.[/url] :)


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