Visual Novel Review: My Black Cat


I don't know why I'm posting this here only now, because the truth is, I've had this on my laptop for a pretty long time now. :D

my black cat visual novel

A mysterious black cat who can speak the language of humans.
The lone girl he met one day.
“I'm Aki Fujita. From now on I'm your master!”
With his newly-bestowed name “Don-kichi”, from that day forth the pair began their life together.
The master, strong-willed but with an easily wounded heart.
The black cat, who strove to protect her from sorrow.
The black cat, whose every thought was of his master.
The black cat, who would always be at her side.

The story is all about a talking cat called Don-Kichi who belongs to a highschool girl named Aki. This girl has a friend, Hoshino, who fell in a coma a year ago. Another friend of theirs decide to visit Hoshino in the hospital and Aki brings Don-Kichi along. And there they'll find... that their lives are more intertwined that they think.

my black cat visual novel

 It's a very short story, but very touching. Especially for an animal lover like me! :( Cats are absolutely my favorite pets ever. I got teary-eyed when I got the 3rd ending too. It was just so... emotional for me. :( I super duper love the plot, and I love the characters. I love the twists too! There are three endings in total, and I got them all. I love the 3rd ending best. According to the afterword, it's also kinda like the default ending for this game.

I don't have much to say about this, but I do hope you guys would give it a try. It's a nice VN overall. Oh, and it's sort of like Night-Of-The-Forget-Me-Nots in terms of... development. :D

Download this game here.

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  1. This seems interesting :)

  2. It is! Try it out. :) And I think I even shed a few tears here. :(


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