Visual Novel Review: A Very Splendid Otome Game (PPHS Jam)


The same person who made Ristorante Amore and The Elevator released a short game for the PPHS Jam and it's really good. :") (Well, actually, the other two were made by Cyanide Tea, to be exact, which is composed of Camille and Auro-Cyanide.)

The title is A Very Splendid Otome Game.

visual novel review a very splendid otome game (pphs)

Very splendid indeed. :) The plot is simple but really touching and adorable!

The girl, who I named Ran after myself, works in a bakery, although she doesn't bake. Then one day, her boss asks her to make a tiramisu for a customer. Everything's fine and well; after all, a tiramisu is chilled, not baked, and she does a great job at it. However, when she wakes up two hours later, she sees a bespectacled guy, and her cake is nowhere to be found!
My apologies. I seriously suck at summaries. Huhu.

visual novel review a very splendid otome game (pphs)
This dude insists he's the tiramisu! Hah! As if anyone's gonna believe that!
The game is very light and fluffy. :") I was squealing most of the time I was playing this. :") Sine the game was done in 2 days, there are no backgrounds or music, so the game really focuses on its characters. And they're very good! The art is lovely, and the story is so fluffy and cute. I totally loved it!

The main goal here is to fall in love with Tira in 3 days, because if you don't, he's gonna turn back into a cake forever! Oh no!

Falling in love with him isn't so hard though. He's super duper adorable! He's kind, mature, sincere, and a very good listener. :") Awww, I totally love their dialogues! Lately... I've been loving visual novels with cute dialogues, just like Rei. ^^

visual novel review a very splendid otome game (pphs)
Omo~ Best line ever!
It's a really quick game though, and I'm quite disappointed. I want MOAR! Hahaha. I hope they make it longer. :)

Please give it a try! It's a browser-based game, so no downloads required. Play it here!

P.S. Camille said feedback is really appreciated so... for LSF users, please post your comments in the LSF thread! Hahaha. It's greatly appreciated.

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2 berries

  1. Ahhh this is one of my favorite otome games everrr!!!!

  2. Haha, well, it's really cute! It definitely has the potential for a longer game. I won't say that it's a favorite of mine, but if it was made longer, I think it might become one of my favorites too! :D


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