Visual Novel Review: The Dolls' Stories


The Dolls' Stories is a kinetic (or not so kinetic) novel about... living dolls.

Hahaha! I made it sound like a horror story. But seriously. It has a really cute plot.

the dolls stories visual novel review
- Such adorable art! I absolutely loved the male doll. He was just sooo cute! And I absolutely loved the comic style scene! <3 Kawaii!
the dolls stories visual novel review

- Typing your own answers was a new experience for me. It was a nice change, and I liked it very much. However, I do think it should be used sparingly. It could get pretty repetitive and annoying when every single line of your doll is a question and you still have to type your answer. It did get better later on in the story though.

the dolls stories visual novel review

- Love the menus. They were clean and simple, but I just loved the designs!
- The dialogues were witty and interesting. I like that. The scriptwriter did a very good job!

- My only real dislike is also one of the many things I liked the most about this VN. Typing your answers ALMOST ALL THE TIME was a bit annoying at times. I wanted to focus on the story but I couldn't because I still had to type. It's like reading a book with only one sentence every 20 pages and you can only flip the pages one at a time.

the dolls stories visual novel review

- The female doll's route is incomplete. Bummer. I hope they'd finish it. It seems nice as well.


 - I felt sad for the Shadow Puppeteer. Do you guys know the anime One Piece? I feel like he was one of the "commoners" there and Melinda and Gilfred were the Celestial Dragons or World Nobles. Hahaha. I know the Shadow Puppeteer was supposed to be evil, but he didn't give me that vibe.

I'm not saying that Mel and Gil are evil or anything, okay? But in that scene... they just seemed so indifferent. Hahaha. They did get a lot nicer later on though.

- I really liked the story and also the male doll's personality! He was like a small child in the beginning, who grew up into a quite handsome young man. Teehee. Admittedly... I'd grown to love him even though answering him was pretty annoying at times, so the scene in the temple totally made my heart skip a beat. :( I just find him so lovable. His character was like a little brother. Awwwww. That's one of my biggest weaknesses, y'know? That "weak" kind of personality. :'( Awwww.

- The priestess was so pretty! :)

- Honestly speaking, the game didn't have much impact on me at the beginning. But as the story progressed, I just totally fell in love with it! I super-duper loved the ending. Awww, men, I hope there would be a sequel!

Will I recommend this? Yes, of course. There's no reason not to. It's really nicely done. If you want a fresh change from the other visual novels, try this one out! It's another 9.5/10 from me.

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