Visual Novel Review: Get Dumped


Get Dumped is a short visual novel that... um, I think it's a slice of life otome game, but I'm not so sure because it wasn't specified. Hahaha.

From the beginning, I already loved it. I loved the pastel colors on the main menu! I loved the music! I loved the art! I even loved the logo! :)

Get Dumped visual novel review


It's the typical perfect-guy-falls-for-imperfect-girl kind of story. Arashi is perfect: he's handsome, smart, athletic, popular. Michi is apparently not so pretty, not so smart, not so athletic, and not popular-- at all. She's kinda disliked by all the other students, and even more so when she snags the "hottie" Arashi. Aside from her best friend, Kisa, Michi totally has nothing to live for. That is of course, until Arashi comes into her life and starts this visual novel going. However, things turn upside down when Arashi suddenly ends their relationship.

My thoughts: The breakup was totally uncalled for. But I guess... that's how it's always like. A boy becomes super nice and sweet all of a sudden, and then before you could even realize it, he was just prepping you up for a breakup. Nice.

But of course, you, as Michi, can't just let it end this way! You still have one more chance to get Arashi back!


The protagonist. She can be quite naive at times, although she is really sweet. I don't really have much to say about her. I sort of like her overall though. She actually reminds me of Mikan Sakura.

The supportive best friend. In the Gakuen Alice world, she's certainly a Hotaru Imai.

A nice jerk. Personally, I didn't like him much. Something about him feels a bit off. But he was a jerk... in a nice kind of way. He really was sort of arrogant & mean you know. Although he can be quite cute at times. Which is... just sort of like, off-character. I don't know why, but sometimes I felt like I was reading about several different personalities (that don't blend well) molded into one. Kinda like Natsume Hyuuga and Ruka Nogi put together.

- The art! The character expressions were super cute.
- The story itself.
- I super-duper loved the main menu.
- The music.
(Although some of the soundtrack, and backgrounds too, were also used in Idol Crush.)

- Story progression was way too fast.
- Some of the scenes were quite unrealistic to me.
(Specifically the bullying incidents. But maybe they happen in other countries? Those incidents never, or rarely, happen in the Philippines.)


Get Dumped visual novel review
- Arashi can be quite dense at times. They just broke up and yet, it seems like he was expecting them to act as friends again so soon. And he was so nice to her. Why did he break up with her in the first place?!

- Arashi is mean. In a nice way. Which makes him seem much more mean. "Oh, um, before we start this date... I just want to make it clear... this is going to be our last... okay?"

- Michi can be quite annoying. But... not the bad kind, okay? The kinda cute kind of annoying.

- The first time I played this, Arashi and Michi officially broke up. It says that I, as Michi, was too "not clingy" Hahaha. Yeah. I guess so. I really am not the clingy type of girl who'd want my boyfriend to be beside me all the time. I mean, of course, I am always gonna be beside him, but not... always literally beside him. We both deserve our own space. I am playing it for the second time just because it's so cute. :)

I rate this an 8/10. Try it out! It's really cute. If that's all we're talking about, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Did you try to get all the endings? If you already did, then play one more round, that will explain everything, really.

    -get all endings
    -play once more
    -get explanation, haha

    'Cos, you know, I liked this game quite a lot ^^

  2. Oh, I don't think I've played all of them. Silly me. Haha. Alright then, I'll give it a try sometime. Thanks Shannon! :)


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