LemmaSoft Forums Tenth Anniversary


It's LemmaSoft Forums' 10th anniversary! Woohoo!

For their anniv, they've decided to release this visual novel, composed of several mini-games, featuring the one and only mascot of the forums, Lemma!

The Lemma Question
It's just like The Question, that sort-of-tutorial-game that's included in every Renpy package. The only difference is, this time it's about the forum, and not about visual novels in general.

Tales of Lemma 1A
Rating: 14+ Hahaha, kidding. :D
The Tales of Lemma was apparently the very first visual novel to be posted on this forum. Well, for this anniversary novel, it was remade. You get lost in the woods and meet this really cute girl. Guess who? Lemma!

A Day In The Life Of A Mascot
This special gives us a peek into Lemma's life as the website's official mascot, and as a "normal" magical girl. :)

10th anniversary Q&A
Lemma answers questions from user of the LSF.
I likes gegikanwig's question the most! :) And I liked this question as well, "If you could be an animal, what would you be?" Something along those lines.

Blue Lemma's Corner
This section is all about Blue Lemma, the creator of LemmaSoft Forums! And also about its origins of course. :) Quite interesting, check it out!

Happy 10th anniversary Lemmasoft!

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