Visual Novel Review: Mori no Monogatari


A flash game in devianart, Mori no Monogatari is a cute and fluffy visual novel that had me going "Wth?" as I played it.

Admittedly, it was a really, really weird and kinda perverse game. :) The characters were all so silly! Here they are:

-A rabbit. Sort of like the Little Red Riding Hood. She's on her way to her grandma's place. Ten is naive, innocent, and naturally kind-hearted. Also, I think she's too small. :)

mori no monogatari visual novel review ten

-Ten's older bro. He may seem super strict and responsible, but he also has a perverted side.

mori no monogatari visual novel review furei

-Ten's brother who's just stepping into puberty. He's also kinda perverted. And very very girly too. Besides, his sprite looks like a girl's. He's a dog

mori no monogatari visual novel review sheol

-The main boy. He's a wolf who's feared by the other animals. Feared... but he's also being lft out and bullied because they say he's a liar and a sneak.

mori no monogatari visual novel review rek

-A really creepy bear. He's... a gentle giant. Quite nice actually, but he seems so old. I think in human ages he must be around mid-20's already while Ten is just around 15-16. Yet, he likes her enough to stalk her. Yikes.
taga mori no monogatari visual novel review

Grandma Shira
-A really... hot grandma.

mori no monogatari visual novel review shira

Like I said, this game is really cute, but it can be frustrating because there are so many choices and so many bad endings. Here is a walkthrough fot the weird ending, which is also my personal favorite. :)

Mori no Monogatari Walkthrough:
-It's okay...
-I think I've forgotten
-Too late
-If you go, I'll tell you
-Okay, I'll do it.
-Calm down.
-Good idea!
-I need to be careful.
-You've misunderstood (Cute cg)
-I want to see
-I know you're a kind wolf

Now, if you want to get the special ending, just replace the last choice with "Someone help" It's a good ending too, but I still like the weird ending better.

I'm giving it 6/10 because while the art was nice, the story was... almost non-existent? Hahaha. And it was super craaaazy. But please, give the game a try. It's free, and no downloads required! Too bad you can't save though, but it's really just a short game. Play it here.

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6 berries

  1. I love both the endings, the special one used to be my favourite before I discovered the weird one. An amazing game it is! <3

  2. Yes, I liked it too, even though at first, I was quite frustrated with it! Hahaha. The CGs are really cute, ne? :)

  3. .....okay....Idk....what I read was "IMMA EATYOU >:U" TTnTT "Noo pleaase I know you're a nice wolf" O///O "Marry Me!!!!!!"

  4. Hahaha, well Joey... it does go something like that. :))

  5. can you please give all the walkthrough im really having trouble i always get the game over thing

  6. I would love to guide you Takeshi, but unfortunately I only know the weird ending and the special ending, which I posted above. Haha, it's worth it in my opinion, since the endings are cute. The game IS quite frustrating though. :( :)


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