Visual Novel Review: The Loop


When I said in a previous post that I think this game is about time, more specifically time traveling, ooh, boy could I be more wrong.

The Loop is a story about a lonely writer who keeps getting up at 2:14AM on the 11th of October. Before too long, he realizes that the days aren't moving at all: He's stuck in a time loop.

- I loved the music. It was chilling, and very fitting for the scenarios.
- The CG. ^_^
- The riddles! So spooky.

- Doing all those mundane stuff over and over again kinda bores me, but that's the point of the story so it's understandable. :) Those who like loops will probably like this aspect though. ^_^

So far, I've only finished the Act 1. Where the clown tries to kill you but you have to "kill" him instead to get through it. Before the game hangs. :/ Yes, it sort of... hangs.

I'm going to try and play it again sometime. And of course, I'm going to try to complete the story! There are 3 difficulty settings, Crazy, Demented and Insane. The Crazy setting is... well, crazy enough, and I don't think  I can handle the Demented and Insane ones! :)

Please check this game out! It's worth a try. And prepare to be spooked!

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