Kinetic Novel Review: Grinning Heart


Okay, I know that I said I'd make a review of Heartstring Bugs and The Loop, but I found this visual novel in my laptop's Downloads folder and decided to give it a try first.

The VN is entitled Grinning Heart.

The story is all about a vampire named Zelt and a man-hunter named Chro. Now, Chro has traveled all over the lands to take pictures of handsome men. It's kinda like her life's mission. And Zelt, being a bored vampire, likes playing with his "toys" before biting them. When these two very wacky people meet, hilarity ensues.


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...
There was a huge castle surrounded by [a] wild forest...
The forest was deep and dark...
and hunted...
So everyone was too scared to go there.
In the castle, there lived a very handsome vampire,
who had lived alone for a thousand years.

One day, as he awoke...
He suddenly felt very bored.

He wanted something new.
Something that could pique his interest.
He swore he would do anything for that,
and God answered his wish...

A famous [handsome-man] hunter arrived at his place...
She was looking for {a very] fine man, in order to get their picture.
She had already collected most of the handsome faces in the world!
Her guide book said that her next destination was...

the mysterious castle.

- The chibi art was super cuuuute~~

- The story was so fluffy. Teehee. It's not a serious game or anything, and I honestly believe there's something more to it.

- I think the music didn't fit the scenes. :) Like...
- The sprites? They looked fine, but I think they could look better. I don't really dislike them, but I don't like them that much either, so... yeah. Although I still think they were done pretty nicely. :)

- It was so short! One could finish this in like, 5-10 minutes. I wish it was longer. It was really interesting!

Pretty long prologue for a short story, but meh, that could be forgiven. :) I really like the story overall!
And it's actually a kinetic novel and not a visual novel.

I hope the creator makes a part II of this! I have a feeling that the story between Zelt and Chro had only just begun. And I'd love to keep an eye on that.

I don't how, when, or why I had this in my laptop, but nevertheless, I enjoyed playing it. Upon closer search, I discovered that this game is from LSF too. :) Check it out!

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