Who's more worthy? Kagome vs. Kikyo


(This is a continuation from my previous post. Hahaha.)

Honestly, I like Kikyo as a character. 

Aside from Sango, she's my favorite character in the series. I mean, she's a dynamic character. In the beginning she was portrayed as the heroic savior of the villagers. She also "sacrificed" herself for the people. Then after she was revived, she turned into a cold heartless soul-sucking monster who just wouldn't die. And finally, she became a pitiful girl who finally dies in peace after putting up a fight for a life she wasn't even supposed to have. -_- Basically, she's an antagonist in a protagonist. (What do I mean by in? Well, I don't get it myself. Haha, kidding.)

I like her a lot, but put Kagome and Inuyasha in the picture and I'll definitely defend Kagome's love for the hanyou and say that she's the worthy one and not the priestess.

See, my reasons are simple...

One, Kagome never asked Inuyasha to change for him but Kikyo did. The miko accepted him as him, as a seemingly unworthy half-breed. Kagome loved Inuyasha for who he was, unlike Kikyo who wanted to use the shikon no tama to change him into a human. It's like telling your boyfriend that you'll only marry him if gets reconstructive surgery for you. That's so wrong. True love is supposed to be unconditional, isn't it?

Two, Kikyo was kinda selfish in her reasons for changing Inuyasha, whereas Kagome would sacrifice almost anything for him. Yeah, yeah, the former was helpful and kind and all, and I really admire her for that, but what was one of her reasons for wanting to change Inuyasha again? Oh right, it was so that she would be relieved of her role as the guardian of the jewel. She had a hard life because of it, but if Inuyasha were to use it to change for her, not only would she get what she want, she would also be free from that harsh life. Considering that, I doubt that her intentions were pure at all. :/


Oh well, I just wanted to let that all out. It doesn't matter anymore now anyway since Inuyasha and Kagome are already living happily in the feudal era with their cute puppies. :) 可愛い。Perhaps this could help me in my fanfiction though... ;)


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