5 Reasons to Like and to Dislike Kikyo


Heyyo. :)

Earlier today I posted a story in fanfiction.net about Inuyasha and Kagome. I've always loved that pair since I was a pre-schooler. :D  So I made a short fluff about 'em entitled Je t'aime, Inuyasha. It's really fun. Yesterday I also posted a story called Never Alone. And well, with all this Inuyasha writing I've been doing, I suddenly wondered why I didn't like Kikyo for Inuyasha.

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For most Inuyasha fans, Kikyo is the undead priestess who had a really tragic life. At least, that's what I believe. And truthfully, I don't dislike Kikyo. I didn't appreciate her appearances much, but I didn't mind them either.

And there are so many reasons why I like Kikyo! But there are also many reasons why I didn't like it when she showed up too much.

What I like about Kikyo:

I honestly believe that there is much about Kikyo to be liked. I can see why Inuyasha, a half-demon, liked her in the first place.

1. Kikyo was a fighter.

Kikyo was one hell of a fighter. She never hesitated to shoot the monsters they encounter, unlike a certain sailor fuku-wearing girl we all know. Kikyo also didn't just sit and wait for Inuyasha to come save her. She never acted like a damsel in distress, and she handled herself well even in difficult situations. 

2. Kikyo was a very good citizen.

As seen in some flashbacks, Kikyo was extremely kind-hearted and caring especially to the villagers. She extended her help as much as she could to the other people. ^_^ She also seems to have liked children very much.

3. Kikyo was an ideal lady.

Kikyo was gentle and soft-spoken, and during the time she and Inuyasha were still together it was obvious that she cared about him a lot. I kinda like her better than Kagome in that aspect, because Kagome always yells and 'sits' Inuyasha even though the reasons aren't really worth it. Kikyo is a lot better than that and seriously and traditionally speaking, a better girlfriend for him that Kagome. Kikyo is a lot more gentle than her. Kikyo was very well-mannered and lady-like, unlike Kagome. She was also a very good sister to Kaede, again, unlike Kagome who is sometimes unreasonably cross to Souta. ^_^

4. Kikyo was naturally helpful.

Even when she was already a living dead, she still tried to help out Kagome a few times. The two actually got along pretty well after a while. Except in the beginning of course, where she acted like Regina George.

5. Kikyo uses her mind, not just her heart.

I don't know why exactly I like this about her, but when she thought Inuyasha had betrayed her, she still thought about the welfare of the other people instead of "blindly" loving Inuyasha. That was why she shot him with an arrow. That was why she chose to forget about her own feelings and follow what she thought was right, even though it hurt her feelings. She didn't want to hurt Inuyasha, right? She loved him. She loved him too much. But she still did. She thought he was already a threat to her people. 

Yeah yeah, I know, it may not sound good for most people, but I think that's still a good thing. Mind over heart, that's what she probably believed in, unlike most teens (like me!) these days who just follow what our hearts say without thinking of the consequences first. Although, as we all now, all of it was a lie because everything was just Naraku's doing. :(

What I don't like about Kikyo:

1. She was too set on revenge... and on getting Inuyasha back.

She's dead. Well... she's dead, and yet, she won't die. I think, maybe she could've killed herself again if she wanted to rest in peace, hahaha, but noooo, she chose to live on dead women's souls to sustain her clay body. Not only that, she's dead but she still wants Inuyasha for herself. She does, doesn't she? At least, I think she does. Kikyo-lovers, don't be mad at me, but honestly, she knew how much he loved her, yet she always appeared to him, hurting him. 

I'm already disregarding Kagome's feelings here, yet what's she's doing is still so wrong. If she really loved Inuyasha, she wouldn't have done that. He obviously hadn't moved on yet, and yet she was torturing him with those appearances. She should have known that she was already dead and nothing could... really change that. She was just hurting Inuyasha because he loved her so much. Besides, had she not tried to drag him to inferno with her a couple of times already? Apparently that was all because of love. I think not.

2. She was being way too possessive.

Look, you may all say that she was Inuyasha's ex, and that it was reasonable for her to act the way she did. Nope. No way. Not for me. The logic of most people is like this:

"Imagine that you had just broken up with your boyfriend. Then you went to college. A few years later when you went back, you saw that he now has a new girlfriend and that she looks a lot like you! Of course, you will try to win him back because you still like him and it's so obvious he still likes you too. Besides, the only reason he's dating that girl anyway is because she looks like you, right?"

No freaking way.

3. She acted way too rashly.

Sure, she was first, but have you all forgotten why they broke up? Because she shot him with an arrow! They're both victims alright, but Inuyasha suffered a bit more. ^_^ Why? Because he was completely unaware of what had happened. Well, both of them were, but still, Kikyo never explained it to him. One moment he was happily waiting for his date to arrive, the next she was already spewing insults at him without even knowing his motives for what he did. Which he didn't even do. If they had talked before Kikyo had gotten all mad at him, their problem could have been resolved.

Take a look at this:
K "Inuyasha! How dare you fool me?!"
I "Hey... calm down lady! What are you talking about?"
K "Filthy half-demon. I should never have trusted you!"
I "What did you call me? T____T"
K "I should have never believed your tricks! Prepare to die!"
I "*flees* I can't believe Kikyo is like that... I thought she loved me... Hn... I should have never wished to become human for her... *takes Shikon jewel* Now I will use this to become a powerful demon!"

What if it went like this?
K "Inuyasha! How dare you fool me?!"
I "Hey.... calm down lady! What are you talking about?!"
K "Don't you dare act like you're innocent! You know what you did!"
I "What did I do?!"
K "What?! You freakin' slashed my back!"
I "I did that?! I could never do that to you!"
K "Stop lying to me!"
I "I'm not lying to you! I woke up late today, honest!"
K "Seriously?"
I "Yes! *Kikyo falls to the ground* Kikyo! Who did that to you?"
K "*pants* It... must... have... been... Naraku...!"

See? It's their fault, both of them! Hahaha. Kikyo made a mistake, Inuyasha made a mistake. But thank goodness they were both hot-headed, otherwise there would be no Inuyasha series. XD

4. She was selfish.

Kikyo didn't just want Inuyasha to turn human for her, she also wanted to be relieved of her hardships as the jewel's guardian. She kinda believed that making him wish to become human for her is the best way to purify the jewel. Sure, she was nice and kind to everybody, and I understand how tragic her life is. She really is a good person you know. But since I am trying to defend Kagome here, well... let's just say that Kikyo wanted more for herself when she asked Inuyasha to turn human. So in a way, she was just thinking of herself.

5. She just won't die.

Like I said in Reason #1, I also don't like the fact that she just won't die. I read somewhere that it wasn't Kikyo's fault that she was resurrected, and I believe that, but seriously, that holds no water if you consider the fact that there have been numerous murder attempts on her clay body but she keeps defending herself. If she really didn't want her new life, she wouldn't have done anything to sustain it, right? 

And she was basically Inuyasha's ex. What kind of ex hugs a guy behind his new girlfriend's back? (Okay, so, not officially his girlfriend... but whatever. Hahaha.)

Well, those are just my thoughts. I wonder what the other Inuyasha fans think?

Anyway, I've also compared Kikyo and Kagome. (Although this is more a "Why Kagome is better" topic) :D But that's in another post. Besides, I know talking about this is useless. The series is already done and Kagome and Inuyasha already have cute little pups! Hahahaha. I mean, in the manga they already have children, but stiiiill.

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  1. I just don't like her plain out, yes i do feel bad for her. but i loved Kagome better. cause remember on the last episode of the final act of what Inuyasha said?

  2. Hi Marie!
    Yep, you're right, I also feel bad for her. :) Oh? Which quote is that? ^_^

  3. this is stupid. Inu was also betrayed. Did you forget Naraku played as her and lied to Inu? Both of them ended tragically. And it is stupid to hate her and love the immature Kagome. Inuyasha only settles for her because not only does she look like Kikyo, but she's alive. In any case, Kikyo was much more mature and pretty and not so rude and moody like Kagome. Besides.. he had to baby Kagome. She never did anything. always waiting to be saved... Kikyo was not selfish. She did what she did with the intentions to destroy Naraku even if no one understood. She was well planned and powerful. She might have tried to take Inuyasha, but that's love. for those moments she thought with her heart and thought if they both died they'd live forever in the afterlife together and leave the battle behind.. but even when she was hurt he didn't go with her, she didn't go out to try and kill him or Kagome. She continued on the bath to destroy Naraku. That's why she lived. She needed to destroy the one thing no one else could destroy..., the demon that not only will cause many deaths, but that caused her death, and the death of a premature love. I'm sure if it was the other way around and Inuyasha had died and had a reincarnation and Kikyo was protective of the younger one than his revived body, you'd all call her slut. It's stupid.Her story is a deeper more meaningful one that people seem to overlook because they have their eyes so up their ass and can only see one way. Open your horizons and quit "shipping" couples. the story wasn't about that. Take a look at the values, teachings, morals, stories behind it.

  4. Hello there eliiii! :)

    Thanks for sharing your opinion!

    Those stuff that you said, those are the reasons why I like her. :D Her maturity, the way she handled battles so calmly and effectively (unlike Kagome who was always panicking and 'saving' them by shouting "Inuyasha!") and the way that she cared so much about her people are things to be admired about her.

    I like Kikyo as a character, but I have always loved Inuyasha and Kagome together (I grew up watching Inuyasha. Like, I remember way back in kindergarten when I'd always hurry to go home early just to watch it) so I didn't appreciate it whenever Kagome cried or got hurt because of her. But as for the character itself? I think she was one of the most developed characters in the whole manga. She was that awesome for me.

    One of the reasons I made this post was also to de-clutter my mind about Kikyo thoughts. :D That's why I put 5 reasons why I like her and 5 reasons why I dislike her: because I don't want to just look at it one perspective. It's not like I'm really "shipping" the characters or anything, it's just that they're the canon couple, and even if, let's say, I didn't like Kagome and Inuyasha together, I still couldn't have done anything about it. Bummer.

    And don't worry. :) I haven't forgotten about the life lessons and morals in this show. I loved the whole series. It's still one of my favorite animes even up to now, even though it's been like, 10 years already since I first watched the dubbed version on TV. :D

  5. excuse me?? kikyo insulted inuyasha in that the time!!??becouse?? she is not a real kikyo!?? that time...!! hello?? naraku playing ass if kikyo!!?? duhhh...

    and other is?? ofcourse she will not die yet?? becouse jewel given her another life to kill naraku.. ass she wish upon that time??/ after he knew the truth in other life........

    and also?? yes?!! she really hate that she will lived again??!! dont u remember?? when the wich?? hell her to lived again.!!?? when the time which got the spirit of kikyo in kagomes body.. didnt kikyo tell?? that dont call her name??? so that her spirit will not gotten from kagomes body... becouse she dont want that she will lived again............

    that becouse she cared her self when she was alived again,, couse he knew that she must kill naraku...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. stella nox fleuretApril 9, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    kikyo also known as a most beautiful lady monghe.

    kikyo also known as one of the powerfull lady monghe

    dont u see?? everybody love her in their world.. and also,,,..... even naraku theire enemy,, fall inlove to her also............

    dont you remember also that she had an alike souls which name was midoriko that also a powerfull,brave,warrior,googd,beautifull, and other attitudes

    and other is?? kikyo is not sell fish?, she is always think to other priority...,,,,

    and other also is?? she is not being way,, possesive,....

    couse dont u remember?? when inuyasha saw kikyo?? she always run and hug to kikyo and even kikyo push him to out,, he still hug kikyo too much.,, see?? its not kikyo foult if inuyasha always run to her....

    and other is its not only the reason why inuyasha had feelings kagome, becouse of face of kagome is had alike of kikyo???

    hello? other is?? becouse??? the spirit of kikyo is living to the body of kagome... thats the only reason why inuyasha got feeling to kagome...

    and other also is.. kikyo is more beautifull to kagome.... compare theire faces??? theire have just small simmilarities... but other is kikyo is too beautifull and too charm...

    the true sell fish is kagome....!!! becouse she always feel jelous when inuyasha saw kikyo and inuyasha run to follow kikyo...!!! even she know that inuyasha still inlove to kikyo...!!~!

  7. yeah! yeah!!

    i agree to you eliii.............. i also didnt like kagome

  8. Ohh, I find this amusing. :) Kikyo doesn't like Kagome. ^_^' Well... I don't think you would like her, Kikyo. But in the series you seem to be kind to her and even helpful, at times. :D

  9. Hi Angela! :)

    The scene where Naraku appeared as Kikyo is not what I was referring to in the above scene. :o ^_^ What I was referring to was the scene between the actual Kikyo and the actual Inuyasha. So... basically the scenes were like... Kikyo (Naraku) "insults" Inuyasha, and then, Inuyasha (Naraku) destroys the village, and then when the two finally meet for real, they're... um, angry at each other because of what Naraku did.

    Yep. It really wasn't her choice, and I did say that up there. :) I actually read that somewhere. Hahaha. ^_^

    And also... you didn't have to post 3 comments under 3 different names just to prove your point you know. Just saying. :)


  10. Hello! :)

    Yes, I do think Kikyo is very beautiful, and a lot more feminine that Kagome. Hahaha. ^_^ They do have their own charms though.

    Also, this is just what I think about the topic. :) There's no need to be very defensive for Kikyo. ^^ I respect your opinion of her, and I also agree with some of your points. Like I said, I like Kikyo as a character.

    Although... I would have liked it better if you didn't post 3 comments under 3 different names just to prove your point. :) Perhaps there are 3 of you with the same internet connection but... Just saying.

    And again... I hope this post did not make you mad, if you're a Kikyo fan. This was just my personal opinion, back when this blog was still just a personal blog. Hahaha. I don't have anything else to say about the topic though, because, in the first place, the series is already done. :(

    So... that's that. :)

  11. I believe Inuyasha preferred Kikyo, wherein the manga he encounters a flower Prince who leaches off of the sorrows of others, he detects in Inuyash's heart that he wished to die with Kikyo, or to follow after her, which says enough. Kagome comes second to that if anything.

    Inyuasha loved Kikyo, but she died, then Kagome came in and filled the void, but all in all, his heart still belongs to Kikyo. That is why he can never forget her. Inuyahs knows that Kikyo is dead and that Kagome is alive, he wants her to know rest and peace, but is unable to make that happen for her. Kagome is someone he needs to protect, her life is important to him, but if Kikyo were still alive or was somehow brought back to life (for real) he would go to her. Inuyasha fell in love with Kikyo, Kagome is just her replacement. She is everything that Kikyo was for him, and who can truely say for sure that everything Kagome has done for him isn't what Kikyo could have done had she lived! This is what Kikyo herself feels, had she lived she would have been the one warming his heart! (check it out, Inuyasha episode 23)Inuyasha never speaks such deliberate and absolute words of affection to Kagome except towards the end, when he confesses that he would protect her with his life, and that happens only after Kikyo's final death. Relieving him of the deversion from having come to this resolve sooner.

    Inuyasha is and always was destine to end up with Kagome, but if it wasn't for the strong feelings he had towards Kikyo, it is doubtful that an afair would even have developed between them to begin with. (episode 14) Kagome begins to sence Inuyasha's bond with Kiyko within her, and it draws her in, developing a romatic and tragically sad perspective view of Inuyasha, wooing her changing her mind on a number of things, bring her to feel a greater amount of compasion for him. It is here where the seeds of their relationship are truly sewn, as desine for fate.

    but i really also agree to elii,stella and angela

  12. Hi Kathline!

    Yeah, I can't help but feel that without Kikyo, he wouldn't really notice Kagome much. :o Truthfully, I think if Naraku never fooled them, they would still be living happily together! (But I wouldn't like that, coz that means... no TV series! Huhuhu.) =)

    This post was really late though, the series was already long done!

    But anyway, to get back to your comment... I like how you wrote this! ^_^ It's very nicely written. I think you should also make a blog post about this, even though we're both super duper late to the topic. :)) Still, thank you very much for your input!

    Hmm... coincidentally... you have the same IP address as Stella, Angela, oh, and kikyo too, Kathline. Do you live in the same house and use the same internet connection or something? :) Mehehe. Kidding. ^_^


  13. hahahahaha i know right, but kathline is my other frnd,, also stella,, but i am angela the truth.....

    they both with me when the time im visiting youre page,,, its also theyre opinion......... theyre just insert to me..... to comment also

  14. where using an internet cafe.............,,, i told them to visit youre page after they insert to me....

  15. Hi again. :)

    I see. Well, if you say so. ^^

    Btw, please tell your friend Kathline that I think she writes well and makes good points. :) She really should start a blog of her own soon, if she isn't a blogger yet. ^^ Thank you. :)

  16. kathlene is truly genius amn,,??????????? shes full name is kathlene mae angela eduyan.

  17. hi its me again angela,, this is my second opinion.
    My option Kikyo is way better. And it's not because I hate Kagome. It's because of many things... Actually to tell the truth I once really liked Kagome, in fact she was once my fave. But then I started to see her behavior, actions and everything... I really started to dislike her. If she really loves Inuyasha why is she always yelling "sit boy"? It hurts him! She tries to make him see her, pay more attention to her... And she hardly even lets him talk to Kikyo. She wants to know what they talk about and makes him say it even though it's none of her busyness. She got in the way between them. And what I'm trying to say is she got Inuyasha to love her and express less feelings for Kikyo than before (of course he still loves Kikyo but it was shown to love her less than before after Kagome came...). And I don't know why you all hate Kikyo so much, but all I wanna say is she's not evil nor a "bitch" as you all call her... How could you all hate her so much when she is even more mature than Kagome! She understands the problems would never act to her "love" they way Kagome does. She is a peaceful priestess and very clam while Kagome is very annoying and inpatient. Kikyo helps people the best way she can. She almost risks her life for her people and young children. She helps a lot and saves many people, but you all treat her like she did nothing but trouble. Her life was a sorrow and pain. She expressed much pain, much suffery. Most of it was Naraku's fault. She got her heart broke, injured very badly, helped much people while much of them didn't do anything for her. She showed her kindness to all. Even helped Onigumo. She took pity on him and that is the good side of her. Evil or not they’re still people with feelings and Kikyo understands it all! She understand her destiny fully. And as much as she wants to be with Inuyasha she understands it will do no good. This is how her life is. She can't be with the person she loved and cared for the most because that's how her life is. And you think it's easy for her? She even let Kagome have Inuyasha and didn't do anything to stop it. She let Kagome have the man she cared and loved the most! Of course i feel thankful to Kagome for saving Kikyo a few times but there's nothing to thank her for. Kikyo already let her have Inuyasha and she didn't ask Kagome to help her anyway. Of course that was a good hearty of Kagome but she did this for Inuyasha, not Kikyo. So Kikyo shouldn't thank her. She experienced much pain and this is how everyone treats her! Calls her a "bitch" and more other bad words! Is it because you ll don't understand her life? Kikyo tried to live a normal life, wanted to live a life of a normal woman, but things didn't turn out her way. Her life lead to a sorrow. And that’s how it ended. The only thing that made her happy before she left this life was that she was with Inuyasha one last time and shared one last kiss... U_U

  18. Um, Angela, I really hope you took the time to read my entire post before you made this comment.

    I don't know, perhaps you did read it, but you just misunderstood me. I'm sorry if you misunderstood. But if you did read, then you would know that I don't hate Kikyo. I don't know where you got the idea. I never said that. I am a fan of the series Inuyasha, and not specific characters.

    And, by the way, I never called her a b-word. I'm sorry, but I don't use that word, especially not on people (or characters haha). I don't know where you saw that, but it's definitely not here.

    Thank you for your opinion. I appreciate that you shared it here, but I do wish you also took the time to read (and understand) mine too.

  19. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT THEY HAVE KIDS IN THE MANGA WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS? (Maybe because I haven't read the manga D: ) I think you make very fine points and I agree with them wholeheartedly.

  20. Hi Ashen!
    Haha, oh, I remember it's in the very end of the last manga. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it's absolutely interesting! Please read it if you have the time. ^^
    Oh, thank you very much. :)

  21. poor kagome.....................

  22. Does no one remember that KAGOME is only flipping 15 YEARS OLD!! MOST 15 year old women are immature...she hasn't even had the time to mature..and she isn't from a time where they beat it into you...She came from a time where maturity was LEARNED! Kikyo was a lovely person and she died tragically. However, you have to realize where kagome came from..She is a strong independent soul that voices her opinion. I don't like that she sat inuyasha..However, inuyasha was just as immature as she was..Kagome was whiny in the beginning but after a while she finally got her maturity at least some what and she learned how to fight without thinking of herself.

  23. Does no one remember that KAGOME is only flipping 15 YEARS OLD!! MOST 15 year old girls are immature...she hasn't even had the time to mature..and she isn't from a time where they beat it into you...She came from a time where maturity was LEARNED! Kikyo was a lovely person and she died tragically. However, you have to realize where kagome came from..She is a strong independent soul that voices her opinion. I don't like that she sat inuyasha..However, inuyasha was just as immature as she was..Kagome was whiny in the beginning but after a while she finally got her maturity at least some what and she learned how to fight without thinking of herself. She got better at using her bow and finally mastered it. She came in there with NO training..it's not fair to compare those two on that aspect..she did the best she could with NO training before hand.. Kikyo was trained of course she was a better flipping fighter...

    I'm sorry but if you were from a world where demons didn't exist at least that we knew of. You would have the same reaction and totally flip out when attacked. It takes some getting used to and she does after she's been there for a while.

    Also kikyo may have loved him but she still wanted him to change for her...and Kagome didn't...I'm not saying that Kagome is the best but gees she wasn't a bad character...She was kind and gentle but strong willed and she had a temper..She is from the modern era that's how they ACT!

    I do have to say that I know Inuyasha loved Kikyo more..However, Kikyo is dead and while Inuyasha loves kikyo he also fell in love with kagome....it's like sometimes when you have your first love and you marry them and then they die tragically...You find someone else, but it isn't the same. Sad or not sometimes you just can't fill the shoes of the first love...

  24. Hi Cadederia!

    You raised some good points there! You've basically explained my reasoning behind this list. (Back when I wrote this.)

    As for the age thing, well... I first watched this series almost 14-15 years ago when I was, like, 3 or 4 years old, and back then, Kagome seemed so ancient. :) When I found out a few years ago that she was actually just 15 years old... well, just imagine my shock.

    Nevertheless, this series will always be in my heart. <3 It's one of the first shows that got me hooked into anime.

  25. Yeah I really like some of your reasons of dislike and likes. I know it's really not mentioned much but Kikyo was 18 when she died. It was other peoples reactions that got my blood boiling hahahaha. ^-^! And same here this series is so close to the heart to me..

    I have a pairing that I like more than kagome and inuyasha because of several fanfictions. However I know if I say it (even if I do have good reasons) people would have a cow and throw me to the nearest highway to be run over.HAHAHA..


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