The fun with defending ancients



Well, let's just say that yesterday was a really fun--but tiring--day for me.

Tiring coz I got home at around 6PM already. The ride home was about an hour long. -_- And well, fun... because... um...

(I never thought of screen-capping stuff like these before!)

Let's just say that I enjoyed playing that^ Hahahaha. It was just against AI, but still, I found it fun enough for me to share it here. xD

You see, yesterday my 7 groupmates and I had our practice for a competition on Tuesday. For lunch, we ate at McDonald's. And before going back to school 3 of my 4 male groupmates decided to play Defense of the Ancients in a nearby mall.

The 3 other girls in my group just loitered around for a while I think, while the other boy who didn't know how to play the game stayed with me. Well, it was pretty boring so the two of us ended up watching our 3 friends play. A friend of mine had taught it to me about a year ago and I sometimes played at home too, whenever I felt like it. Of course, my enemies are all just AI. :) Anyway, watching the game made me wanna play it too, so when I got home last night I loaded up the AI map "Hope" and tried out a new hero, which is, as you can see from the pic, Slithice.

Most of the time I use Slayer, but last night I decided to use Slithice. I only play a few heroes anyway. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's only Lina, Slithice, Enchantress, Mirana, Traxex and Luna that I use. Hahaha, the screenshot up there shows my 2nd kill last night with Naga Siren. Teehee. Why do I feel so giddy? xD

My male friends used to ask me if I'd like to join them play, but I always found a way to make excuses. I'm too much of a coward for that. ^_^  I'm not even good at this game. It's just a pastime for me. They'll totally regret asking me if I cause them to lose. Also, whenever I see another hero I run away.That's why I loved Slithice's images; they allowed me to pwn that Pugna even though the real Naga Siren was far away. I'm totally starting to love this hero! Hahaha. This game is just something I play when I'm alone, or just with another close friend (who only uses Akasha btw. -_- Well, she's always a scourge.)

Haha, well, I just wanted to share all that. After all, DotA is a really fun game, and even if my guy friends often play it seriously, well, forgive me, but I believe it's also a nice way for me to pass the time. 

The next time my friends ask me, I wonder if I should join? たぶん。:D But I suppose I should at least try.

Oh well. Hahaha, tomorrow we're having another practice!


P.S. Speaking of which, I still don't know how to use hotkeys! When my friend yesterday was panicking in the game while my other friends were already pwning him, "Why are there no hotkeys?! I can't get by without hotkeys!" I just told him, "Forget the hotkeys! They're already beating you!" while deep inside I'm just like, "I don't even know how to use those!" Hahaha, silly me. Poor him.

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