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Warning: This will be a typical  post about random nothingness. -____-

Just a few minutes ago I was listening to this song, "Hear You Me" by JEW and I just started crying. Yeah, crying. -___- Not just sniffling or what, but tears actually fell. It took me by surprise, since I am not that much of a crybaby, but this time I just felt so sad.

For me, one of my favorite and also the saddest plots are the ones that have time-travel in them. Not the nerdy ones. The kind where people make friends and stuff, but in the end they have to leave because, well, they don't belong to that freakin' time.

It's just like that Pokemon movie about Celebi. I forgot the title. Ash made friends with a kid named Sam there, and they just hit off like they've known each other for a long time. But Sammy had traveled 30 years into the future (spoiler: he's actually Professor Samuel Oak back when he was a kid) and therefore, he had to return to his own time in the end of the film. I totally cried during their farewell speeches which kinda ended with the words, "Wherever you are, or whenever you are, we'll always be friends."

Oh wait, I think it's actually this movie.
The thing is, suppose that little Sammy had traveled... um, 100 years into the future. That would mean that by the time Ash was born, Sam would have been most probably dead. I know it wasn't the case, but let's just think of it that way. Then that would also mean that they'd never see each other again.

I think the worst thing about dying is not that that person would no longer be around. People go to college, and they're not around, right? Sometimes others go to different countries, and they won't be around anymore. But with dying... it's different. I think the reason we really grieve for that person is not because they won't be around anymore, but because we know they're never coming back. We'll never be able to talk to them again, or have fun with they again.

Oh whyyyy am I thinking about this?!

Hmmm, I got another idea. Again, I've forgotten the title, but I believe it's something along the lines of "Moments of Love" It's a film about a boy and a girl who met through a phonecall and since they talked frequently, they fell in love and stuff. They realized that they actually lived quite near each other but they never saw each other. Even though they'd promised to go to the planned place and at the planned time, they'd never see each other. However, the girl buried a photo in the ground and carved a heart on the tree so that the boy would know that she visited. Unsurprisingly, the boy indeed, saw the photo. However, when the boy tried it out, the girl didn't find anything in the ground. After a few more curious events, the two realized that there was like, a 50 year gap between their time. The girl was from the 1950's, the boy was from 2000's. So technically, she belonged to the past, although they could communicate via the antique phone in the boy's room.

Well apparently, the movie is entitled "Moments of Love"
It was a really sad film because look, the girl waited for almost 50 years for the boy. She wanted to meet him so badly that she promised she'd wait for him. She was betrothed to a rich haciendero but she ran away to the city because she wanted to see the boy she'd fallen so madly in love with. However she met another man in the city who loved her and married her and took care of her even though he knew she loved someone else. Her room was filled of the boy's portraits that she painted herself. Her children always asked who that was, and even their father was sometimes jealous of the boy, but the kids all assumed that he was just their mother's creation. Then 50 years later she got into a car accident where she pushed a boy out of the way. This boy met her granddaughter and they became somewhat of a couple until the granddaughter became heartbroken because she believed the boy was cheating on her with someone he always talked with on the phone. (Getting the idea now?) The boy was really confused with his feelings because he loved this granddaughter very much, but he also felt very connected with the girl he always talked with.

See? She went to the city and waited for 50 years for that day to come so she could finally meet him.
But for this one guy, all these happened in less than a month.
 To cut the story short, the story ended with the boy finally meeting the girl who was already an old lady in her 70's or 80's. And guess who the girl is? It was his girlfriend's grandmother.

Time is such a cruel thing, isn't it?

"What a slut time time. She screws everybody."

Speaking of time, let us go back to my original reason for writing. *ahem* The song "Hear You Me" is a really sad one that totally made me cry. Especially these lyrics:

"I never said thank you for that
 Now I'll never have the chance
"And if you are with me tonight
I'd sing to you one more time
A song for a heart so big
God couldn't let it live

I believe the song talks about people who are so selfless and kind, people who care a lot about others, people who don't think much about themselves. Those kinds of people that other people don't notice much because they are not as popular or as famous, but they help without asking for anything in return. Those people who are always forgotten despite their good heart. Those people that we don't appreciate. Those people that will surely leave a huge hole in our hearts when we realize that we haven't thanked them for their deeds yet... but it's already too late because they're gone.

The song reminds me to always let people know how much I appreciate them before it's too late.


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