When A Friend Loses Someone...


Last night my friend came home to find out that his father had died.

It was a normal day. We were all having fun, just fooling around, and teasing each other. Another normal, boring, but for some, fun day. For me it was one of the days that I'd just feel ill without any reason at all.

My friend did not come to school today. I wondered why. He was never the sort who goes absent without saying why. Most of the time he texts (if he has load) or chats me up if I'm online when he's going to be absent. But this time he didn't. That was the reason I wondered why. But then again, we're not so close this year anymore, since we don't have classes together. Still, he's my friend, and I care for him very much.
When I heard about his father's death a while ago, I was really shocked and couldn't talk for a moment. I have never met his father (and never will) but I was overcome with sadness. Maybe it was the fact that his son is a good friend of mine. Maybe it was because I just wasn't feeling very happy. Or maybe there are a million more reasons out there why I felt so sad.

I kept my mind off his father's death the entire day. I just didn't want to think about it. I felt sad for my friend. I couldn't even imagine how it felt. And I would never want to feel that emotion again. Never. My friend is so young. He's only turning 14 this year. But he already lost his father.

Later this day I was on my way home and while listening to my player (that was on shuffle) the song "Dance With My Father Again" by Luther Vandross came up. I couldn't stop my tears from falling. I just cried and cried. I cried for my friend, I cried for my friend's family, and I cried for everyone who lost their fathers. I cried. And when I got home, I just ran upstairs and hugged my own father tight. He was confused but I just told him that my day wasn't so great. Of course, he comforted me and said that highschool is really like that.

For all of you whose fathers and mothers are still with them, taking care of them and loving them, just like me, please, always show them how much you love them. Just tell them. Do something special for your parents. 

My Mom and Dad may not be perfect, but they are the best parents for me in this world and I love them very much. 


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