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Hi everyone!

Sorry if I hadn't posted for sooo long, I was quite busy.

Anyway, life is still amazing and splendid. Pretty hectic these days, as we're about to graduate from sophomore life, but thankfully, all is well.

Hmm, tonight I wanna talk about... idols.

As in music idols, or actors and actresses that we like. :)

I'm not a fan of celebrities, but I kinda love dramas. ^_^ I also like Kpop a lot! 

Favorite Boy Group: BIGBANG

When it comes to KPop, I find BigBang the most awesome of them all. BigBang is actually my favorite. And I really like TOP! <3 He's just so amazing, ya know? *insert fangirlish squealing* Oh yeah, have you seen their parody of Secret Garden, Secret Big Bang? TOP was SO handsome there! He looked pretty young there too, so much younger than the TOP I always see in magazines and music videos. G-Dragon is also a pretty good artist. I also like him a lot.

2nd Place: CN Blue - Yong Hwa is awesome! I totally liked him in Heartstrings. And don't forget He's Beautiful!

3rd Place: 2AM - Seulong is SO adorable!

BAND? Tokio Hotel, hands down.

Favorite Actor: Kim Hyun Joong

Who else but him?! To tell the truth, in Boys Over Flowers I didn't like him much, but when he assumed the role of Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss, he had me squealing with every episode! Believe me, I wasn't such a big fan of Koreanovelas  or even Korea itself before, but Hyun Joong and his cute portrayal of Baek Seung Jo made fall in love with Korea!

2nd Place: Hyun Bin - From Secret Garden! How cool was that?!

3rd Place: Yong Hwa - For his very charming acting in Heartstrings.

Favorite Actress - Jung So Min

So cuuuuute! She's my favorite asian actress ever.

So... that's it for now. Haha, see ya soon!

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