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Earlier today I was checking out some nice horror movies to watch and came across several lists of "Scariest Horror Movies".

Well, in 4 out of the 5 lists I've seen, they said "The Exorcist" was the scariest film ever. 

I've seen that movie around 2 years ago when I was about 12 I think, and I'm telling you, it wasn't scary. When I was young I read in a magazine that it's the scariest film of all time so, being a lover of scary films and stories, I was quite excited to watch it. 2 years ago, I really looked forward to having a good scare and even invited a cousin of mine (who gets easily scared) to watch the film with me. We started the film but she got creeped out around 20 minutes into the movei and went downstairs to watch TV with our relatives. So I was left in my room all alone.

For me, The Exorcist wasn't scary. The only part of the film that actually made me cover my eyes was the part where the little girl climbed down the stairs upside down! Yeah, I was shocked, but after that it was pretty boring. -_- It is kinda disturbing though, and I guess especially to religious people. I'm a Christian though I'm not very religious.

I'm not acting all courageous here, at hindi rin ako nagmamayabang, but I find other films scarier. I'll list my Top 10 best horror films here.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead.)

scariest horror films review - a twist in time - uchiharan

This movie is all about a family with a little girl and a TV. They live quiet lives in a quiet neighborhood. All of sudden, mysterious things starts happening in their house.

What's scarier than a man who rips his own face off? A lot of things, I know, but Poltergeist managed to make that scene so horrific for my young mind. I can still see that man scratching his face and then suddenly, he breaks his skin and starts ripping it off his face until his skull is exposed. 

I actually hate this movie because of the clown. It gave me nightmares for days. T_T

Feng Shui is a Filipino film starring Ms. Kris Aquino. Believe me when I say it's scary, coz it is. Because of this film, I developed a fear of Chinese mirrors.

The movie revolves around a Chinese mirror called a bagua which is considered lucky by Chinese folks (people like my maternal grandfather :D). It is lucky for Joy, the main character portrayed by Ms. Aquino, but soon she discovers that everyone around her starts dying. With every death, luck goes her way. She finds out that all the deaths and her unbelievable good luck are caused whenever someone sees their face in the mirror.

The scariest part of this film is when the ghost of the vengeful girl, Lotus Feet, slowly makes her way towards Joy. That tap-tap-tap sound made by her small feet clad in iron shoes still makes me shiver whenever I'd hear the sounds of heels in public restrooms!

8. Insidious 

scariest horror films review - a twist in time - uchiharan

Insidious is about a family that just moved in a new house at the beginning of the film. Their eldest son, Dalton, falls in a state of coma just a few days after the move. Surprisingly, the doctors in the hospital find nothing wrong with the child. The mother is horrified by strange sights and sounds inside the house, and even the younger son is terrified. Claiming that the house is haunted, she seeks the help of a clairvoyant. And that's when she finds out that it's not the house that is haunted... it's Dalton.

The first part of this film is scary. I think I even screamed twice here. :D But after an hour or so, the horror movie just... descended from horror into fantasy. I'm not saying it wasn't scary anymore, I'm just saying that... it became less scary than it was before. It still managed to land in 8th place though, because I still can't accept the fact that I screamed here. ^_^

Originally a Japanese horror film, Dark Water is all about a divorced woman named Dahlia living with her child in a creepy, run-down apartment at the edge of the city. Everything is fine until Dahlia begins noticing strange things in their apartment, and also about her daughter, Cecilia. The teacher tells her that her daughter is always speaking with an imaginary friend. Ceci denies this, saying that her friend is not imaginary. Dahlia also begins seeing water everywhere. Could it be that all this water and Ceci's friend are somehow connected?

Hahaha, okay, I suck at giving descriptions. :D Anyway, Dark Water is a pretty nice film. It's not very scary, but the reason why it's in the 7th place is because I enjoyed watching this. I think some people will find this scary too, because my cousin made my ears hurt while we were watching this.

6. Shutter 
scariest horror films review - a twist in time - uchiharan

Ben, a photographer, along with his wife Jane, flies to Japan after he lands a project there. On the way, Jane, who was driving at that time, hits a girl on the road. She sees the girl struggling to get up a few seconds before Jane loses consciousness. When she awoke, she immediately tells her husband who later dismisses her when the police finds no body in the area. In Japan, Ben is troubled by strange streaks of light in his pictures. The couple also begins seeing the girl everywhere. Jane decides to investigate and she discovers Ben's dark past...

Shutter starts out in a slow, peaceful manner and ends in a horrific way. It definitely gave me the creeps. The ending reminded me of a story I once heard from a classmate:

There was once a couple with a 5-year-old son who fought about every little thing. One day, in a huge fight, the husband accidentally killed his wife. In order to hide his crime he buried the woman in their backyard.  He told his son that his mother had to go away for a while. A few days passed and the man noticed something strange with his son. Everytime he would pass by, the child would only stare at him quietly. When he couldn't take it anymore he finally asks his child, "Son, are you alright? What's the matter?" His son looks up at him, and says, "I don't mind that you lied to me Daddy, but why are you always carrying Mommy on your back?"

5. Ringu

scariest horror films review - a twist in time - uchiharan

The Ring is a series of movies about a cursed videotape that kills everyone that watches it in seven days. The killer is a young girl named Sadako (or Samara in the English version) who was murdered by her mother.

I didn't find this too scary, but apparently someone (*ahem* Daddy *ahem*) did, because after watching this on late night TV he didn't watch television at all the next two days. Despite the fact that our TV was nothing like theirs.  -___- But watch out for the moment she comes out of the telly; it gave me the creeps.

4. Sigaw

scariest horror films review - a twist in time - uchiharan

Sigaw is a Filipino film that was remade into an American film entitled The Echo. The movie is all about a man who moves into a dingy old apartment who hears and sees strange things during his stay there. Every night he has encounters with the woman occupying the room next to his, crying for help. One day he decides to help her and finds nothing. That's when he discovers the gruesome event that happened in that place many many years ago...

It's plain scary, okay? All those screams and cries for help are bound to stay in your ears for a while. Hahaha.

3. Pa-siyam

Pa-siyam is a Filipino belief, saying that the spirit of the dead will remain on Earth 9 days after death. Only then will it be able to cross over.

I couldn't find an image about this movie, nor do I remember much about it. See, it's a Filipino film and I've watched this many years ago, when I was still a child. Even though I couldn't remember much about it, I still remember the fright it gave me.

2. The Grudge

scariest horror films review - a twist in time - uchiharan

The Grudge is all about a curse left by a person who died with a grudge (hence the name). Many people have dies from this curse, simply by going to the place where the person who left the curse died.

The movie is scary, whenever I watch it by myself I make sure to keep the volume down. Sometimes I even press mute when I find the scene too scary. There was a scene in there where a woman was lying on her bed, and she suddenly hears sounds that creep her out. She hides underneath her blanket, only to find a deathly pale young boy lying on her. In terror, she throws the blanket away from her and *gasps* sees a woman floating above her bed, looking directly at her.

1. The Eye

scariest horror films review - a twist in time - uchiharan

I don't remember if this film is really scary, or if it is simply because I watched this as a 9-year-old kid. Anyway, the first time I watched this, it was with my cousins in my room on a very rainy day. And I remember screaming many times while watching this.

The movie is about a guy who buys some weird book and shows it to his friends. The book lists ways on how to see ghosts. The friends decide to do those things listed in the book for fun. Little did they know what horrors await them...

The part I find most horrific is the scene where a woman was sitting on a bus, looking out the window. A ball rolling on the floor catches her attention, and she starts looking at it. Nothing seems wrong, although the woman feels strange at the sight. She steps over the ball and all of a sudden, it turn into a rotting head! *screams* After that the ball starts following her to her apartment. Remembering what her friend told her about ghosts, she looks at the ball once again, this time stooping to look at it between her legs. And there she finds a boy with a rotting face dribbling the ball while looking at her. More terrifying is the fact that the decapitated head she saw earlier belonged to this same boy. She runs inside her apartment room, screaming her head off. (no pun intended teehee.)


So that's it. If you're a fan of horror, you should definitely check these movies out. 

P.S. Hahaha, this post is not exactly a review, but you could think of it that way. :)

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