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To those who have played Death Room, I'm sure you know how hard it is to get the endings you want (huhu, I learned this the hard way), so the developer, Dreamgazer, provided a mini-walkthrough for the game. This isn't the actual mini-walkthrough, but this is a sort of romance walkthrough, and I think most people who'd check out otome games would be more interested in this, anyway. :D Do note that this game has no happy endings. If you use this walkthrough, then you'll see the sort of romantic parts, but that's that. If you want something a little happier, you can check out the Extras section of the game.

Warning: This is not spoiler free. Also, skip the non-bulleted paragraphs if you just want the walkthrough.

Dev Hanshin

A gunman of some sort. At least, that's how he seems to me. I'd say he's quite a serious guy with a hidden soft spot. (Like a tsundere type, perhaps?) He's the one I've been really interested in him from the very start, to be honest. I'm most curious about his background. Where did he come from? Who is he, really? And in the end, why didn't he die? (Not that I want him to, but come on.)

death room review otometwist dev hanshin
  • When have the opportunity to chat with everyone, talk to Dev.
    1. "I'm really scared."
    2. "I can't help it."
    3. "We're alive but for how long?"
    4. "If we ever do."
    5. "How should I think?"
    6. "If I'm going to die, I wish..."
    7. "I wish I knew what it was like to kiss a man."
    8. "I want it from someone who makes my heart beat...like you."
  • After this point, you have to be the only one in the room. You can achieve this by working together with Dominic (as a female). Then, you either convince him to kill himself or stab him in the back. You can also arrange it, so that Evie kills him.
  • For another extra GxB tidbit: start crying during your conversation with him, and he'll comfort you the best way that he can.
  • Do not say that you are a wizard during the introductory period.

Ambrosia of the Phoenix

She's really quite the elegant lady, if you ask me. Ambrosia is a healer, but we don't know much about her healing powers, other than the fact that she can create nearly invincible shields with them. She seems super sweet, too. If I had a sister, I think I'd like her to be like Ambrosia. (And now I'm hoping that Ambrosia isn't a secret killer or something. *shudders*)
death room review otometwist ambrosia of the phoenix

  • You have what [Dreamgazer] would like to call the sweet version and the dark version. For the sweet version, be the only two left in the room. Tell her that you have a last request and that you would like a kiss.
  • For the dark version, you have to be the only two left in the room, but you're being real villainous.
    • In the beginning, pick up a sword or a pocket knife.
    • Don't hide your weapon.
    • Attack back.
    • During the sleep/stay awake/kill everyone choice, choose to kill everyone.
    • Use a machine gun.
    • Aim at Dominic first.
    • Drop the gun.
    • Shoot him.
    • Wait for Ambrosia to wake up.
      1. "Rise and shine."
      2. "You really aren't human, huh?"
      3. "Aren't you sharp?"
      4. "I like you."
  • Then, you can choose to say, "Are you scared?" and try to convince her to drink Dev's blood.
  • Alternatively, you can say, "Don't you like me?" and kiss her.

Evie Olive

I never had much love for Evie even from the start. She seems to be quite the chatterbox, and I think, if I had met her in school, she'd be the sort of person who spreads rumors around. There aren't many things I hate more than gossip, so you can bet that I really don't like gossipers very much. And since Evie seems like a gossiper, well... you get the idea.
death room review otometwist evie olive
  • (Dreamgazer: I have to say that on the fluff-o-meter, she would rank really, really low. She's the kind of character who doesn't fall fast and just can't focus on anything other than the room. But if you want her to get your BxG tidbit...)
  • In the beginning, pick up any weapon except for the poison.
  • Do not hide it.
  • Do not attack back.
  • Later on, talk to Evie. Do not say that you are a wizard during the introductory period.

Dominic Eld

No, I don't like this guy. I don't like flashy dudes very much, nor do I like guys who are too forward. He's not a bad person, though, and I think there are some likable traits to him... like how he tries to start conversations with the others and stuff. Yeah, when I think about it, he seems like an okay person, but... meh. I'm with Dev all the way.
death room review otometwist dominic eld

  • (Dreamgazer: This is by far the easiest.) Talk to him and choose the following options.
    1. "I'm fine. What about you?"
    2. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
    3. "I think I'm in love with you."
  • Don't tell him that you're kidding and welcome to your strange love, colored in shades of yandere psychotic affection. Just make sure that Evie is alive, so don't pick up a weapon in the beginning and attack her back.
  • If you want a less dark version, you can wait for Dominic to come talk to you. Tell him that you're also bored and you're looking for a way to fix that. I think you know what choice to make after that.
    1. "Definitely. Have a way to fix that?"
    2. "Let's make out."
UPDATE: The complete walkthrough has already been released! It's really long, so I'll just leave a link here for you guys. :) You can go visit Dreamgazer's website for the walkthrough, right here.

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