Monster Mash 2014!


Hey everyone~
I can't believe I'm joining a game jam for a the first time ever! Yay! :)

That game jam is the Monster Mash 2014.

I'm working in collaboration with Roz, better known as PhoenixStardust from the LemmaSoft Forums, to create the best monster-themed game the world has ever seen!

She's gonna be the artist and as usual, I'll be the writer and programmer for this one. It's actually just a week long game jam, so we're gonna keep it pretty short.

Right now we have a few sketches and ~4k words, and we're already at the rising action of the story. Hahahahaha. I'm keeping it short and sweet this time... and not "short" and sweet like Summer Paradise! =)

But anyway, this is a really fun challenge. Hahaha. I'm curious what I'll be able to come up with in 7 days. :) That's 1 day shorter than my production time for Summer Paradise after all. Hahahaha. And I spent the majority of those 8 days writing until the wee hours of the morning too. :))

Anyway, wish us luck! And feel free to join as well. ^^ It'll be fun, believe me. Hahaha.

More details here~

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2 berries

  1. Good luck :) I hope you make something wonderful,but more importantly,remember to have fun!

  2. Thank you! :) And yeah, haha, we'll have fun. :3


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