Visual Novel Review: Clockwork City


visual novel review clockwork city
Enter the world of Clockwork City. Follow a day in the life of Edyta a Roof Runner new to her job, and explore her blossoming friendships in a city full of intrigue and fantasy!
The story begins with Edyta talking into a Chronodict, an audio recording device, leaving a message for her parents that she is safe, and about to being her work, when she is interrupted by Roz, a runner who has two metal hands and lower arms, and, who was the person who trained Edyta to run the rooftops. She is experienced and eager to see the woman do well, but has an intense dislike of those below the rooftops.

visual novel review clockwork city

Clockwork City is a GxG, GxB steampunk visual novel for the NaNoRenO 2014. :)

It tells the story of a Dray named Edyta who's starting her first day in a human city. At first, I didn't know what a Dray was, but now I think they're some sort of androids or something. Well, according to Badriel, the artist... "Dray are one of the humanoid races living in that world. They're used to the thin air on the rooftops of the clockwork city, so they're working as couriers and builders. They do all sort of the works humans won't dare to, and often suffer from accidents, which result in losing a limb, or life. They're not highly esteemed by humans."

visual novel review clockwork city

I liked Edyta a bit, but sometimes it just feels like she can't make up her own mind. It's like she kept changing her decisions and thoughts about stuff every now and then. For the most part though, I liked her character.

visual novel review clockwork city

As for Roz... well, she's the female obtainable in this one, and as an obtainable, she is pretty sweet. :) I am not really a big fan of GxG (nor am I a fan of sci-fi, or mech, or action. Fun fact: Seasons of Love is also part sci-fi! I know, I'm weird, haha. I don't always like sci-fi much buuuut, there are always exceptions, like with everything else.) but I did try Roz's route first in this one. ^^ It was alright, though Roz did come across as somewhat overbearing and fickle minded sometimes. One moment she's an angry girl, the next she's as sweet and protective as she could be to Edyta. Oh wait. Women are naturally like that, right? Hahahaha, kidding! I have to say, their ending scene was pretty sweet. though :")

visual novel review clockwork city

Nikolai, on the other hand, is a petty human thief. He apparently puts on a gentleman act so that he won't be as unmemorable as the other street urchins, and he does a great job at it too. And he's really sweet! I like his scenes with Edyta. <3 The story progression was a bit too rushed though, I believe. Unlike with Roz's route where there was already some established friendship, Edyta and Nikolai had just met. So... yeah, Edyta moves way too fast. Even for a Roof Runner. *winks*

visual novel review clockwork city

+ I wish to see more of Nikolai! Hahahaha. He sounds so awesome. I want more of Nikolai! Hahaha. I have nothing against Roz or GxG, haha, it's just that I'm a girl who likes boys, so of course, Nikolai appealed more to me. :))

visual novel review clockwork city

+ The art, especially the backgrounds, are absolutely wonderful. <3 I can see why the artist for Seasons of Love admire Badriel so much. Hahaha. :) The art is totally awesome.

+ Oh my gosh, the music! Mimiga did such an amazing job. I'm actually letting the ending soundtrack play in the background right now, and it sounds wonderful. As a matter of fact, my grandmother heard it as well, and she commented on how beautiful it is. :3

+ I really like the presentation. The GUI is very well done for such a short game. :3 Aside from the music and the art, I think that's where this visual novel shines brightly.

visual novel review clockwork city
- Story progression was way too fast. :(
- It was way too short! I was left hanging. Huhuhu.

Clockwork City may be just a NaNoRenO game, but it has a polished little story that definitely has some potential if developed properly. Longer sequels would definitely be appreciated! Hahaha. We totally need to see more of Edyta, Nikolai, and Roz. :D

visual novel review clockwork city

7/10 strawberries! Download it here~

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