More Upcoming Visual Novels!


I just realized that there are so many nice upcoming OELVNs in LemmaSoft! Wooooot.

As you know, only a few WiPs actually get my attention; it's in the Completed Games section that I usually look for new visual novels to play.

However, I still don't fail to notice any new visual novels in progress. After all, as a "writer", I'm here to support other VN makers. Haha. But anyway, look at these cool new finds!

The story is set in, according to the thread, "a world divided in many fronts." I have to say that it looks post-apocalyptic, or at least, a world ravaged by way. After all, there's almost nothing to see in the background of the posted screenshots.

From what we could see, it looks beautiful. In its very own simple way. 
The GUI is pretty nice to the eyes too. 
And here we have the developers.
That's it for All The Pretty Flowers. I'll be waiting for this! I hope it gets released soon. Hahaha. It seems like a nice VN to play.

Another one is Circo della Sera, an event-based, GxB visual novel in the making. I just love the premise. It reminds me of that Phoenix Wright case where somebody got killed in the Berry Big Circus. Meanwhile, the name reminds me of real-life circus, Cirque du Soleil. :)

Here's the official description:

"You play as Valory, a budding trapeze artist (flyer) who was recently admitted to work for a travelling Italian circus. This is a event-based otome game, showcasing Valory's daily life as she works her way towards her first big act. Along the way, she makes new friends, as well as discovers the hardships that lie behind the romanticised [sic] image of the circus. With no significant storyline, this is a character-based game, concentrating mainly on the interactions the characters have with each other."

Seems interesting, don't you think? I sure would love to play it someday.

Anyway, those are just two. There are a lot more visual novels that are free yet very much worth playing. Stay "tuned" for more! :)

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