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Princess Debut is an otome game for the Nintendo DS.

There aren't that many NDS dating sims so I'm really happy that there's a game like this around. It's really fun, enjoying, and quite addicting as well.

You play as a modern teenage girl who suddenly finds herself as a princess who has 30 days to practice for a dance competition with a partner. You have 6 handsome princes to choose from, each with their own set of style in dancing. With only four weeks left before the ball, will you manage to perfect your skills and find yourself a happily ever after?

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
Princess Debut start screen - Princess Debut Wikia
Sabrina, the aforementioned teenage girl in the story, is as normal as any other girl out there. However, one day she wakes up to find herself with a curious creature named Kip, and gets transported to a magical kingdom where she is labeled a princess. She has 30 days to find a partner for the upcoming dance, and for her to find her happily ever after.

What I like most about this is how modern-day Sabrina and Princess Sabrina have alternate universes. The princes in Princess Sabrina's kingdom are basically present-time Sab's classmates, friends, or just people she knows. And I really love stories like that. Haha, I'm a sucker for fairy-tale romances, especially ones with real-life characters who turn out to be some other character in another parallel universe. Cool, huh.

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
Prince Luciano Barbosa

In the present timeline, Lucas is your childhood best friend, as in your super close guy bff that you always spend time with. Just like me, he has a terrible sense of direction and is easily lost, though unlike me, he refuses to acknowledge that obvious fact. He can be easily mistaken as a tsundere type, but he strikes me more like a nerdy bff type though.

In a parallel world, however, Luciano Barbosa of the Garadium Kingdom is the kind of Prince who knows what he's getting into. He has been in dance lessons ever since he was a child and is practically a whiz in ballroom dancing. He's won several awards already as well. In this timeline, he is more tsun than anything, though his sense of direction is still terrible. He's also a big fan of playing hard to get, but with your sweetness and efforts, you'll be sure to urge him to come out of his tough shell.

In order to become his partner, there are a lot of things you must do.

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
Prince Klaus Rosencrans

Kyle is your typical highschool varsity champ; he's a star athlete, he's handsome, he's the campus hearth-throb. Despite this, he's very friendly and kind, and doesn't look down on people.

As Prince Klaus of the Republic of Lamor, however, he's a really good dancer, as good as he is in this sports as a modern teenager. He's also your fairytale Prince Charming, as in literally, because he's the real Princess Sabrina's childhood sweetheart.

If you want to become his partner, you have to take note of these dates:
Day 3 - "You can fly!"
Day 17 - "No, go on!" -- "You look like a frog."

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
Prince Vincent Wright

Victor, in modern times, is the class clown, and as Prince Vince, is youngest available dance partner in Princess Sabrina's kingdom. I don't have much to say about him, only that he was my 1st partner, and that... well... he's a pretty sweet kid, for a brother. Not for... like, a dance partner or future husband or anything.

When I first played this game I was around 13 or 14 years old, so basically, it was Vince that first caught my attention because he was my age, while the rest were "way too old" for me, as I thought during that time. However, Vince, as I thought personally, did not act our age. Haha. Or maybe I was just in denial. Hahaha, but he was quite immature and childish, and not in a cute way. Though, you can also choose him, he's quite cute too, you know. When he's not being overly annoying.

To be his partner, you don't really have to do much at all. He would technically try to approach you after every dance ball, begging  to be your dance partner because nobody wants to be his partner. 

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
Prince Cesar Dubois

Carlos is the most probably the biggest playboy in Sabrina's school. He launches pick up line after pick up line on almost every girl he meets. He strikes as the kind of guy who's full of himself, and, well, what do you know, it is kinda correct.

As Prince Cesar of the Sea Republic, he remains ever so flamboyant with a bit of arrogance, always flaunting his noble self at other people, especially the ladies. And of course, he's a real womanizer which is a big turn-off for many. But dig deeper and you'll find that he's really quite a hopeless romantic. He's pretty sweet too, a definite plus.

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
Prince Liam Goodrich

The creators must have been fond of puns, as this dude is full of them. Leon, if it's not obvious enough with the color scheme, has a green thumb; he loves all things natural and flowery. As it is typical of guys his type, he is kind and gentle, and quite sweet to organic stuff. He loves tending to gardens and the like.

And as Prince Liam of the... err... Green Kingdom, he remains a sweet and polite gentleman, ever so courteous and noble. However, there is one big turn off in this guy. He... kinda loves his sister. And by love, I mean romantic love, not the sibling love that we all expect of... err... siblings. I dunno, I mean, I did go after him for the sake of completion, but it did feel like he had move feelings for his sister Olive than for me. It does get explained at the end of the game though, don't you worry.

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
Prince Kiefer Bergmann

Keith is technically a walking encyclopedia, filled with knowledge and everything. He's really intelligent and loves reading books that are a lot harder for someone else his age. He's also very prince-like and elite, like some sort of classy upperclassman.

As Prince Kiefer from the Nezzie Empire, however, he is... well, yeah, pretty much similar to Keith, though this time it's understandable because he is a prince. But anyway, he seems to love woodland creatures just as much as he likes books. I personally love the meeting Sabrina had with him in the forest.

Kiefer is a special case, meaning you can only go after him after you've finished the game at least once. I think he was the third one I went for, since he was about my age when I played this game. He's a really cool guy, and I just love his route's endings.

screen capture - gamerdad
Another plus point this game has with me is the dance part. I may not be very good in dancing, but I used to dance ballet when I was young, and ballroom dances are not unfamiliar to me. I know plenty of the classical soundtracks used in this game and I just love the nostalgic feel to it. Also, how awesome is it that you can replay the dances over and over again? I think it's possible to actually learn a dance just by watching a replay from this game.

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
silk costume -- Princess Debut Wikia
As for the gameplay, of course, you use the touchscreen to execute dance moves. It's not very hard, although for the faster dances you need to match the pace and beat of the song. But overall, it doesn't feel like grinding. It's actually quite fun, since you get to pick dresses, accessories, and backgrounds for your dances.

And of course, the best thing in dating sims... adorable cuties. <3 This game is filled with them. namely, the ones I listed above. There are 6 obvious choices, although there's also a hidden bachelor... haha, I won't spoil that for you. Just play to find out. :)

princess debut nintendo ds otome game
Staying with Prince Kiefer -- Princess Debut Wikia
Basically, there are two good endings for every bachelor, and the ending you get depends on the choice you pick. One where you stay in your fairytale world, and the other one is where you leave and get transported back to modern time... and still end up with said boy. Both endings are lovely, so if you ever decide to get this game, I suggest you try to get all endings. ^^ There's a CG gallery for each one anyway.

To be honest, it's been years since I last played this game, but I still remember it fondly up to now. Haha. The only downside to this game is that each individual route is so short. Sheesh. If only there was a post-game or something. But nope, once you reach the 30 days, then the story for that dude is over.

I rate this 9.5/10 strawberries. Really pretty art, awesome gameplay, classic soundtrack. Like, literally. Haha. Plus, it's a DS game too, so it's really convenient to bring it around wherever you go.
princess debut nintendo ds otome game

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4 berries

  1. I played this game way back in the day. I really enjoyed it. I didn't like Cesar much because he was a bit to girly. I loved Liam and Luciano. Only problem with Liam is that he thought you were like his sister too much. Kind of dislike those scenarios

  2. I know what you mean, Sleipnir Rose! Liam's adoration for Olive is bordering on incest already. Haha. And I love Luciano too! Just because he's a bestfriend type. Hahaha.

    As for Cesar, right, I can relate to that as well. I can actually imagine him borrowing my dresses if we did get married!

  3. Hiiiii! Your blog is sooo cuteee. I'm from the Philippines too! Where did you buy this >.< . (I can't buy online)

  4. Thank you! Oh, hi there, fellow Pinoy!

    Whoops. I'm not really sure. Amazon is the best place where you can buy hard-to-find games. Haha. If you have relatives from abroad, like me, you can have the product shipped to them so they can send it to you in the Philippines. :)

    Sorry if I can't help you much. :(


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