Review: Reflection/Deflection (NaNoRenO 2013)


I'm so sorry for the long absence! I've been so busy in school. *sigh* We have so many events, projects, exams!

Ahem, anyway, I managed to play the first part of this visual novel during my free time. Hooray! I downloaded it this summer but only got to try it now. It looks pretty interesting. The title is re]de[flection and it's a NaNoRenO 2013 entry.

re]de[flection or Reflection/Deflection is a NaNoRenO 2013 visual novel entry

- The overall plot looks pretty interesting. I shall save judgement for later though.
- I love the introduction. I feel like I am about to ride some horror train and there's this mask girl warning me about the sights.

Reflection/Deflection is a compilation of many short stories.

A description of the experience of placing oneself between two mirrors and seeing the infinite replication. When used in the context of literary theory, however, refers to a type of frame story in which themes within the core narratives illuminate some aspect of the greater whole.

re]de[flection contains four short stories tied together through a frame story. They are unrelated in content but connected by thematic elements.

The game will ask much of the you, the reader, yet place you in a position where you be unable to act. In order to enter into the experience you will offer up some part of yourself as collateral. This tribute will, at first, be unknown to you. Progressing through the stories will reveal what is was that was sacrificed. In order to retrieve this collateral, you must come to comprehend what was lost. You will not be able to exit until you understand. The answer is one word.

Tava & Rymu
- According to an old prophecy, the child of the Sea God will bring about a change to the people. Now, in this small island, everybody is the same. Dark-haired, have dark eyes, and tanned skin. Tava is just like this. However, his childhood friend, Rymu, is a little different. Unlike the others, she has pale blue eyes. Ever since they were kids, Rymu has been treated differently because the people think she is the child of the sea god. One day, Rymu suddenly goes missing. Tava looks for her and... badam!

We see the creepy masked girl from the introduction.

---- not yet done with this though, but I'll update this when I finish. :)

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