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hierofania visual novel review

A stranger arrives at Utrecht's Dusk, a remote and almost deserted outpost of the once powerful and wise Knights of Utrecht.

He says he has been accused of a crime he did not commit, and requests their help.

But the Knights are not what they once were. Utrecht, god of Justice and their patron deity, has been missing for ten years, and can no longer lend them magic or guidance. 

Crocket, an unexperienced young squire, steps forward...

- I love the injected bits of humor.

- I just love the art style. It's very different from both the "traditional" anime art and the western art style, but I really like it. :)

- The story is the best thing this novel has. The visuals are great, but the story is simply... beautiful. I love the way it's written, and I love how everything unfolds.

- The relationship between the stranger and Crocket is extremely... fascinating.

- Crocket reminds me a bit of myself. -___- I'm not childish, per se, but I... am quite... "child-like" It's child-like, okay?! Childish is when you throw tantrums or complain or grumble all the time. Child-like is when you're... "innocent", and easily pleased by the simple things in life. Like Crocket. She gets happy quite easily I think. :)  She's not being shallow, she's genuinely happy. And despite being a knight, her underlying innocence is visible in the way she speaks.

- The Stranger... I dunno, his conversations with Crocket makes my heart beat oh-so-fast sometimes. It's really nakakakilig. (Nakakakilig: a Filipino word that means... err... it's when you see your crush and your heart starts beating wild and you want to scream out because of love and such. Hahaha.) I really like the two of them. There's this chemistry and it's really interesting. I'm a bit disappointed it didn't work out.

- Speaking of interesting, Deedra and Douglas are both quite interesting as well. Their relationship too, fascinates me.

- Murphy may look like a simple character, but I think he's quite complex. I quite li-- Oh gosh, I like all the characters. Can I just make a character review or something? :( [Be warned! Spoilers ahead.]

hierofania visual novel review
I am guessing this is Crocket? Maybe.
CROCKET - Really simple, and quite child-like in many ways. Even though she may seem stupid and slow, her heart is pure and innocent, as most "stupid" and "slow" characters are. I think this is because they don't think or plan to become better than others because they're okay with themselves being simple. She's a really interesting character, as despite being simple, she has a lot of depth to her.

hierofania visual novel review
He's... sort of tsundere. In a way.
THE STRANGER - His mystery-shrouded persona fascinates me so. And he's my favorite character. Well, was. Despite... everything that happened. At first, he was presented as a "criminal", but I just decided that he's innocent. Lol. He's kinda... tsundere, but more on the tsun tsun side. In the end, he kinda switched to dere dere for a while, but then... a horrible plot twist happened! :( I am still grieving for the story. I hope... I hope he's simply misunderstood. =) Keep your fingers crossed.

hierofania visual novel review
Crazy is the term.
DOUGLAS - He and Deedra serve the same Master. His personality is also complex, as the other characters' personalities are. He seems evil at first glance, but I think he has a pretty good heart. Heck, I'd like to believe he does. Even though... I still don't like him that much. I just like him better than his partner. Besides, like Deedra said, he and Crocket... does seem... no, not similar, more like, compatible? Not in a romantic way of course. In a sibling-y kind of way. They honestly look so cute together! When they're not fighting and when Douglas is not being the irritating smarty-pants he usually is. -____- And besides, he can be cruel and heartless too, believe me. Maybe he's got a split personality or something. Kidding.

hierofania visual novel review
Her face... reminds me of the Beldam from Coraline.
DEEDRA - She and Douglas serve the same Master. I sort of don't like Deedra. From the start, I already didn't like her. She seemed like a sadistic, abusive woman who's always giggling creepily. And my dislike for her only worsened when she left Douglas alone in the iron cage. I mean, they're partners! Why would she leave him there?! And besides, I just... don't like her. I don't. Wait, did I mention that I don't like her? Though... I kinda feel bad for her in the end.

hierofania visual novel review
Strangely, I think he's charismatic.
MURPHY - He's the leader of the Knights of Utrecht. He's really quite the guy, even though he's blind. I... like him. He seems to be like a father figure, or at least an older brother figure to Crocket. I like the way he speaks. Haha.
hierofania visual novel review
She's nice. Enough. Nice enough.
KIA - She's Crocket's best childhood friend. Or not quite. She's quite... a meanie, but... not in a mean way. Ugh. It's complicated. But... that's Kia.

GILLAN -Kia's grandfather. He has been a Knight for a long time. He's really quite wise, as most old men are, but he has quite a temper. Nevertheless, he's also quite a character. I like his epilogues.

- The lack of any good ending. Hahaha. This is a personal dislike guys. :) I understand that some like this, since... "not everything has a happy ending". I... respect that, but... I still would have liked it if something vaguely good actually happened. Especially since the characters here had such amazing relationships. It's sad to see that... nothing came of them all.

Anyway, I truly recommend that you guys read this visual novel! It's a really nice one. I give it 9 out of 10 strawberries. I only took one point because of the lack of a truly good end (this is a personal reason. Haha, I'm a sucker for happy endings), but... aside from that, this VN is truly amazing. :)

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