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No, this isn't an otome. This isn't even a visual novel.
2 Fast 4 Gnomz is a 3DS game I bought on the Nintendo Eshop a few months ago.

2 fast for gnomz, review, 3DS

Heck, if it's been with me so long, then why am I reviewing it only now?!
Simple. Because 2 days ago, I finally beat the 1st Nightmare level of that game.

My friends and I are absolute suckers for that 3DS game! It's just so fun and addicting, not too mention irritating as well. Aside from playing basketball, lounging around near the water, and basically having fun with anything under the sun, us cousins and friends are also trying to beat each others' scores in 3DS games. We're even starting to enjoy AR games! Wooot. Hahaha. For a 15-year-old girl like me, AR games seem to be a bit too childish, but whatever, I do enjoy them too sometimes.

And I've been so addicted to the game Pou as well!

It's downloadable on Android. And it's a lot of fun to play. Very cute. If you've got a tablet or an Android phone, please try it out. ^^

I still haven't forgotten about reviewing visual novels though! Hahaha. I have some more reviews saved in my drafts. :) And there are a couple more visual novels from LSF being released these days. I'm just so happy.

And even my game Summer Paradise is receiving some generally good feedback. :) I must admit, I really appreciate everyone who took their time to play that game and leave a review or a comment, or just a thought about my game. My hard work paid off the moment I finished that game, but seeing that it made other people happy warms my heart. ^^

Thank you everyone!

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