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i love you suki dayo title screen visual novel review

Megumi Satou is a highschool student who was lucky enough to pass the hardest examination in Miya University. She was walking down a street, looking for the cheapest apartment she could find, when somebody carelessly threw a book at her face. Suddenly, a beautiful woman wearing a kimono appeared and said that she has... ta-da! A cheap apartment! It seems too good to be true, huh? Well, in return, she has to have a roommate. Gender doesn't matter. Uh-oh. But, it's kinda normal to have roommates, right?

i love you suki dayo visual novel review

- I kinda like the prologue to the story. Hahaha. It's not original, yes, that's true, but it has a nice ring to it.
- I like the characters! Admittedly they're a bit cliche, but who cares, I love them. :3 The writer did a good job with them. I don't really like how straight-forward every description is, but because of that, the different personalities of the characters shined through brightly.
- The fantasy part. :3 This game reminds of The Forest Mystery, which, as you might know, was discontinued. :( So I'm glad about the enchanted forest thingy in this VN. ^^
- The maker also did some drawings that can be seen in the gallery in the end. It's definitely a plus for me. ^^ Mostly because I also wanted to create drawings for my own VN, Summer Paradise, but never did it because of the time constraint. So I really have to commend the maker on this. ^^
- The story is enjoying. Haha! I get kinda irritated with Megumi sometimes, but the story itself is quite fun. :)
- Naru is such a cute character :3 Mehehe.
suki dayo i love you visual novel review naru

- The color of the text matched with the color of the textbox itself made it kinda hard to read. I think light text colors suit dark textbox colors better.
- Sometimes the characters can get a bit too exaggerated. Like when Megumi first met her roommate, Gray, they acted like they were the worst of enemies... in a very exaggerated way.
- This is not a dislike! However, I noticed quite a few typos and grammar errors, plus, the menu for the save screen kinda overlaps. I think the interface was programmed a bit wrong or something?
- The simplicity of the descriptions? Megumi tends to simply tell almost everything she does. For example, at the start of the VN, I read, "She pointed at a door. Someone is inside." Maybe the writer should have described that better. Perhaps,"She pointed at a door. I could hear footsteps inside." Haha, okay, I know that's not... really a whole lot better but, showing is better than telling, right?
suki dayo i love you visual novel review gray
See? Even Gray noticed that she was simply TELLING things! Haha.
This is MegumiSatou07's 2nd game. The first one was "Troubled", which I still can't play til now because I keep getting a network error. :/ "I Love You" has some typos and grammar errors, but it has a pretty nice story that should still be worth your time. Personally, I enjoyed the game though. ^^ Six out of ten strawberries I suppose. It's nothing impressive, (with free resources just like my own game!) but the story is fun and enjoying to play through. Plus, the boys are cute. Haha! And why do we play otome games if not for the obtainables? XD Kidding.

Well, in short, just give it a try guys. Download it from LemmaSoft Forums now. ^^

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