Visual Novel Review: The Knife of the Traitor


knife of a traitor visual novel
The Knife Of A Traitor is a short NaNoRenO 2012 visual novel. Surprisingly, it's very good and well-made, most especially for a NaNoRenO entry. It's comparable to games that are, unlike this one, not done within a month.
knife of a traitor visual novel review

Lady Os, princess of the kingdom of Ulla, had just woken up from a four-year sleep after someone attempted to murder her. However, the plan went wrong and instead, she fell into a deep slumber. Now that she has woken up, she and her bird Corvus must find the traitor who stabbed her neck with a cursed knife.

- The graphics weren't the usual "beautiful" realistic graphics, nor were they the cute Japanese style anime art. But they were unique on their own and reminded me of some old Cartoon Network shows back when I was a kid. Honestly, they were pretty cool on the eyes. I liked that art style And he chibi CGs were cute.

knife of a traitor visual novel review

- I super duper loved Gervase's path! It had the most depth to me. Vosges' story was quite sad as well. :( And Lilja... well... Lilja's path was the most thoughtful one. The most funny one too. =)

- Music can get fairly repetitive. Also, they sounded like BGMs from old NES or GB games, which is actually pretty nostalgic. :) I personally liked most of the soundtracks used in this game though.

- This is weird but, I dislike the font size. It was a bit too small for me. :( I have a standard 15-inch laptop and I had... well... not much okay, but a bit of a hard time reading the words.

- Like I said, I loved Gervase's path. I especially love how it ended. :") So sweeeeeet. That was the most notable part of the game for me. The scene with the pink dude was also very cute. It was really touching you know. And funny. =)

- I loved the hidden route! Well... it's not really hidden or anything, but it wasn't that obvious. :D Still, I loved it very much! =) Very, very much. :") Awwwww.

- I love how the main menu changed depending on the last path you took! :)

- When you complete all paths, you get a little extra. It's really worth it, y'know? :)

- Rated T+ for "mild" language! Hahaha.

knife of a traitor visual novel review

Will I recommend this? Sure. The background story is interesting, and the setting and concept are both quite original to me. It's pretty short too, so it's a nice way to pass the time. 8/10. Download it here!

UPDATE: The maker made an interview with Corvus here! <3 So fun! :") 

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