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visual novel ristorante amore

Lily is a fresh architecture graduate. Unable to find a job, she is employed into her uncle's restaurant as a waitress, although she keeps breaking dishes and messing things up. Clumsy and accident-prone, will she also find herself accidentally in love with one of her co-workers?

- The art is good, and the sprites don't follow the usual Japanese anime art style, which is kinda good in my opinion. :) The style is not really... my type, but I still like it, nevertheless.
- The story was so short. :( I really like it, however. Ethan's route was my favorite, since it evoked a lot of emotion from me.
- I have to say, the GUI is really nicely done.
- Music wasn't that striking, but it was okay, especially for the scenes.

- Ethan's route was quite sad. :( But I loved it. It was really interesting and it wasn't exaggerated. I loved how it progressed, and I especially loved how it ended! Kudos to the writer.
- SPOILER: When Pierre slapped Ethan, I think, that was... super un-manly of him. Hahaha. He could have pushed or punched him or something.
- Is it just me, or is Lily's confession in Ethan's route too early? I guess it's because I didn't see enough scenes that supported what she said. Well... love, as in romantic love, is such a strong word. I don't think it's something that should be thrown around like that.
- After the prologue... I never expected it to turn into what it turned out to be. :) Let's just say that I'm both glad (about Ethan) and disappointed (at Pierre!) in that! Just play it and see for yourself.

I'm sorry for this super short review. :) I really liked the game, and I love the art too, but I just don't have much to say about the story, other than that it's short and sweet. :") And I also don't really have any dislikes here.

Oh! By the way, this really reminded me of Culina.

Ahem. I give this 7 out of 10 strawberries. Pretty good, and it will at least keep you satisfied with your visual novel cravings. :3

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