Review: The Forest Mystery


Like I said in my previous post, I found this visual novel, The Forest Mystery, in my laptop and I decided to give it a try. Well, I remembered that I did download it here from LSF. Teehee. Oh well. It's just a demo, so here are my game notes.

You play as a teenage girl who just transferred to a new school and moved to your older sister's house. On your first day of school you hear about the rumor about a forest behind the building. That night, you hear a strange voice calling for help. Also, a strange woman whom everybody denies contact with has befriended you. And all of these points to the mysterious forest behind you school. Who knows what fantasy lies within its thick bushes and tall trees?


- The protagonist has a bitchy side to her, that one's for sure. And actually... I kinda like it. :)

- Ooooooh. I totally dislike their maid, Kimi. From the very start, I already disliked her.

- I like the story! :) It's very interesting, and I am curious as to what this mystery is. The script may not have been written perfectly, but I liked the story nonetheless. Maybe if the spelling and the punctuation were improved, the reading experience would be a lot better.

- Surprised with the effects. In a good kind of way. This game was made with Novelty, not Renpy, and I'm glad with the differences in the two engines.

- The Elf Princess wears such revealing clothes. -_____-

UPDATE: (3/23/13)This is pretty disappointing, but I just found out that this project was discontinued. Awwww. And I liked the story so much. :( I hope they reuse the concept for another game.

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