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Today was the 2nd day of our exams! Last day of the preliminaries are tomorrow. Yaaaay. :)

At least, after tomorrow I'll have more time to play visual novels. Teehee.

I'm planning to make reviews of 3 games soon, namely:

As of now, I don't have a clue about this yet, but it seems fascinating. I think it has something to do with time, and I am very obsessed with time traveling stories. ^_^

The game was made by Unbroken Hours, the same team that made Frozen Essence, which is still one of my favorite VNs even up to now. Only I don't have a review for that in this blog, because I believe that back when I first played that I didn't even have a blog yet. Or maybe I did, I just wasn't as fond of blogging as I am now.

I've played only the beginning, and I am fairly interested. It wasn't as fun to me as FE, but I think it was done pretty well. Umm... I can't deny that VenusEclipse's art is really... er... not that... stellar as other VNs, but it's nice enough to me. Besides, her/his art definitely improved in this game. Lovelyyy.

I wasn't too thrilled or excited to play this; I don't know, the beginning was sort of like, uneventful to me, but since I loved Frozen Essence so much, I shall give this a try. I bet it's gonna be awesome again though. Projects by Unbroken Hours are always awesome. ^_^


Actually, I'm already done playing this game! I've played it like, last month I think, but I was too busy to make a review of it. I shall make a review soon. It was a delight to play it, and I so loved the art. The story was really awesome. Very realistic. The game was also a fresh change from the usual otome games I play.

Soo... yeah, expect those reviews soon. Teehee. I absolutely enjoy reviewing games. They clear up my thoughts. And because I am very talkative... well, I just love sharing them here so much.



P.S. I saw another visual novel in my laptop, entitled The Forest Mystery. I'm actually playing it right now. Maaaaybe I'll post that here too.

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