Secret dork!


Malapit na ang quarter exams.

Honestly, I'm quite nervous. I haven't been doing so well lately.

Especially in my chemistry class. -_-

Well, no, not trigonometry. It's quite easy. It's just chemistry.
I even flunked one quiz in chem! -_- Being a 3rd year in highschool is fun, but it sure is hard!
Still... I'm not a failing student, fortunately. :) It's also a good thing I get passing scores most of the time.

And despite all the projects and homeworks we have, I still manage to hold my gadgets and game consoles whenever I'm at home. :") Daddy says I'm always procrastinating, which is true. He still allows me to play video games and use my laptop though, on the condition that I won't get failing marks. If I do, then I gotta say bye bye to gadgets! Thankfully, I've never gotten a failing mark in my life. Bwahahaha, Ms. Braggart. ;) But I do get a lot of failed scores in quizzes though, which cannot be avoided. And I know it's not something to be proud of, but there are also many times when I get scolded by my teachers. I don't regret them though... because truthfully, I wouldn't know that I was wrong if they didn't call it out. And I wouldn't get the chance to change if they didn't give me a chance in the first place.

Being a student is so fulfilling. ^_^

But... I do believe... that as long as people live, we'll always be students, in some way or another. There are so many things to learn! Hahahaha, I'll never get tired of learning. ;)

Just my thoughts. :")

Oh yeah, I just remembered! Pokemon Black and White 2 is gonna be released on Oct.7!

I am so excited!

I am totally going to study hard so I can get my hands on that game. ;)

Imagine, an almost 15-year-old girl still aspiring for a Pokemon game?! I am such a geek. Nah, I don't care. ;) In school they'd never think that I'm a secret dork. Hahaha.


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