Secret dork!


Malapit na ang quarter exams.

Honestly, I'm quite nervous. I haven't been doing so well lately.

Especially in my chemistry class. -_-

Well, no, not trigonometry. It's quite easy. It's just chemistry.
I even flunked one quiz in chem! -_- Being a 3rd year in highschool is fun, but it sure is hard!
Still... I'm not a failing student, fortunately. :) It's also a good thing I get passing scores most of the time.

And despite all the projects and homeworks we have, I still manage to hold my gadgets and game consoles whenever I'm at home. :") Daddy says I'm always procrastinating, which is true. He still allows me to play video games and use my laptop though, on the condition that I won't get failing marks. If I do, then I gotta say bye bye to gadgets! Thankfully, I've never gotten a failing mark in my life. Bwahahaha, Ms. Braggart. ;) But I do get a lot of failed scores in quizzes though, which cannot be avoided. And I know it's not something to be proud of, but there are also many times when I get scolded by my teachers. I don't regret them though... because truthfully, I wouldn't know that I was wrong if they didn't call it out. And I wouldn't get the chance to change if they didn't give me a chance in the first place.

Being a student is so fulfilling. ^_^

But... I do believe... that as long as people live, we'll always be students, in some way or another. There are so many things to learn! Hahahaha, I'll never get tired of learning. ;)

Just my thoughts. :")

Oh yeah, I just remembered! Pokemon Black and White 2 is gonna be released on Oct.7!

I am so excited!

I am totally going to study hard so I can get my hands on that game. ;)

Imagine, an almost 15-year-old girl still aspiring for a Pokemon game?! I am such a geek. Nah, I don't care. ;) In school they'd never think that I'm a secret dork. Hahaha.


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2 berries

  1. oo naman!! 3rd year ang pnakamahirap, pero 4th year ang pnakamasaya!

    grabe, ang daming experiences noh.. ang sarap talaga ng high school!

  2. Oo, mahirap nga ang 3rd year, pero masaya rin! And tamaaa. Masarap maging highschool. Best part of teenage life raw. ^_^


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