School is... fun?


Three days from now, my life as a junior in high school will officially begin.

It feels as though it was only yesterday when I began high school. Being a freshman, I got lost on the first day of school. My room was on the 4th floor, but I spent a few minutes looking at the list of names on the doors, looking for my name because I had forgotten my section. :))

I have been studying in my current school for almost 9 years. Ang tagal na noh? Well, since it's been that long, my school is already my second home. Gayunpaman, minsan nakakatamad na pumunta kay second home. Yung ibang estudyante nga, ang dahilan lang sa pagpasok ay para makita ang mga kaibigan nila. Yung iba, para sa allowance. :D Ako, ayokong nag-aabsent, kasi di ko makikita friends ko. :D The reason why sometimes, I don't want to go to school though, is because gadgets are not allowed there. :D That's why I feel lazy sometimes, because I just want to play videogames or surf the net. Despite that, I still love my school. ^_^ Even though some of the people there are jerks, half of the best things I have experienced in life happened in school. Oh, san ka pa diba? :)

Sa Martes, pasukan na ulit. Haaay. Nakakakaba na nakaka-excite. Imagine, junior na ako!!! Syempre, may mga bagong teachers, at bagong subjects na rin. May Geometry at Chemistry na. Pati Trigonometry! Kakatakot. :< Hindi pa mo ako magaling sa Math.

Pero kahit na. Kahit mahirap pa ang lessons o ang assignments, at least it's fun, right?

Yeaaaah. School is fun.

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3 berries

  1. wa!!!!!!!!!! lalo na pag kasama niya si ... ?? si crush????
    bwahahaha!!!!!!! :)

  2. @Tetzie: Crushes are for inspiration naman diba? :)

  3. oo naman.. basta inspired masaya :D


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