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What if you're so obsessed with Vampires that you wholeheartedly believe them to exist in real life and you've made it your life goal to prove their existence to the world? This is the case for 19 year old Cherise. Having been obsessed with vampires for years she spends most of her time reading vampire themed books, thinking of theories to prove their existence and most importantly; being on the outlook to find one! The latter has been rather unsuccessful — that is until Cherise finds Dalton and Aleisha, two people who make her 'Vampire sensor' overheat. Being full of excitement and hope she makes it her next mission to get close to them and prove once and for all that she isn't crazy like most people believe her to be.

Name: Genjitsukai
Developer: KagiGames
Date: April 1, 2017
Genre: GxB, GxG, Romance, Supernatural


Genjitsukai is the story of Cherise, a girl who’s obsessed with vampires. And by obsessed, I mean really obsessed. 

Cherise honestly irritated me in the beginning. I found her quite obnoxious in her search for vampires. Like, come on girl, let it go, just let it go. Stop assuming that everyone around you is a vampire, alright?

There are two obtainables in this game, Dalton and Aleisha. You get to choose whose route to go at the start of the game. I’m not a fan of this type of branching because I’d rather go through the game first to get to know the characters better before I decide who to go for, but hey, that’s just me.

otometwist review genjitsukai nanoreno

Dalton is just some random guy that she once saw hanging out near the supermarket. A few days later, she sees him again, and immediately assumes that he’s a vampire. Like a psychopath, she decides to stalk him, trying to discover the truth about him— basically trying to prove that he’s a vampire. He seems a bit offed by her at first, but he eventually warms up to her presence, even letting her visit his apartment.

Aleisha is a girl that she also meets on the train. I like her interactions with Aleisha better than Dalton, to be honest. The way their romance progresses is also similar to how her story with Dalton progressed. Eventually, she gets invited back to Aleisha’s home, where they start getting even closer together. 

otometwist review genjitsukai nanoreno

I did eventually warm up to Cherise as well as the story went on, even though I found her extremely annoying at first. Plus, I think the chemistry between her and the other characters felt quite genuine.

My favorite scenes in the game are definitely the R-16 ones, hehe. I don’t want to be too much of a fan girl here, but Dalton was really such a hottie during the steamier scenes. Mhmm.


I didn’t find the art particularly remarkable. They’re not bad at all, but they can certainly use some more polish. The backgrounds and the sprites don’t seem to have the same art style, but I didn’t really mind since I actually loved the background art. My only gripe is that the perspectives don’t match at all.

otometwist review genjitsukai nanoreno

Take a look at this scene right here. Doesn’t it seem as though Aleisha and the MC are nothing more than tiny little humans on the ground? I doubt that they’d even be able to reach that doorknob, as it seems to be a bit too high for them. That problem is prevalent throughout the whole game, which kinda threw me off of some scenes.

otometwist review genjitsukai nanoreno

This game has some CGs scattered here and there. At least the art for the CGs seem to match the sprite art, though like what I said, I think that can still be improved. For a NaNoRenO release though, it was fine.


otometwist review genjitsukai nanoreno

The GUI is actually one of my favorite parts.I like the overall feel of this game, to be honest. It feels more like a Japanese visual novel than an OELVN, even though it’s most certainly the latter. I think this can be largely attributed to the interface, because the design is definitely based on Japanese games rather than Western ones. Not to be biased but, I think given the art styles for the sprites and backgrounds, that kind of design actually matches it better.


The soundtracks used here were pretty good! I actually still have the game on as I write this review— that’s how nice the background music is. However, I have two main problems with the music in Genjitsukai.

  1. They weren’t looped very well.
  2. It doesn’t seem like they were meant to be used as background music at all.
This may seem minor, but it's actually a pretty big gripe for me since I am a firm believer that background music is supposed to be a mood-setter, and what better way to kill the mood than to stop the music just as you're getting into the scene, right?


Genjitsukai was a short little game that I had a lot of gripes with, but, ultimately, also enjoyed. Weirdly enough, everything in this game seems to have an “I like it, but” scenario for me. No strawberries for this one though, since I don’t hand out strawberries for NaNoRenO entries.

The main message I got in this visual novel is ’to love and accept someone no matter who or what they may be'. And I think, in a world where people get discriminated so often for being ‘different’, there’s nothing better than this kind of love.

You can download the game here

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