Kinetic Novel Review: Christmas Rose


It’s almost Christmas! Can you feel it? I definitely feel it alright. Here in my country, we have these so called “-ber months” celebration… because we actually celebrate Christmas starting September! Yes. In my country, September, October, November, and December are all parts of the Christmas season. It’s Christmas 1/3 of the year over here!


Name: Christmas Rose
Developer: OpenH Studio
Date: Dec. 30, 2013
Genre: Romance


Basically, the story goes like this. Summer, a girl who is the embodiment of… you guessed it, Summer, sent a message to a guy named Winter, who, as you can guess, is the embodiment of Winter. However, he wasn’t able to talk to her because he was busy doing something with Spring, another girl. Summer gets jealous at this and gets a little bit depressed. It’s finally summertime, but Summer herself is still feeling under the weather. Mother Nature wakes Summer up so that the seasons will run smoothly and on time, but Summer is still sulking.

So, Winter calls her, and she replies with a very dry, “What? I’m busy,” when the truth is, she really, really wants to talk to him. She’s just feeling jealous, so she’s acting all snooty and everything, telling him that he should just go to Spring instead, and pretends that she doesn’t want to talk with him. This is… shamefully… the part where I could perfectly relate to Summer. I tend to be like that when I like a person, too, so I perfectly, perrrfectly understand Summer’s reactions. Yes, it’s irritating. Yes, it’s frustrating! Yes, it’s not rational at all, but aren’t we all a little bit irrational sometimes? I definitely understand Summer here. I am not a jealous kind of person, but when I do get jealous, I am exactly like her in this story. No shame. Hahaha. I swear, Summer reminds me of myself so much that it’s almost silly. Hahaha. And not her good side, too.

It’s a premise that’s actually in danger of either being shallow or cute. For me, I found it really cute, especially since it’s almost Christmas. Definitely fitting for the season.

The whole visual novel is actually in NVL mode, so it’s somewhat different from most visual novels in a sense that it’s more like a book. But apart from that, I actually don’t quite understand why they had to use NVL mode instead of the usual ADV mode.


The art is actually quite pretty. I don’t find the backgrounds that nice, but I do like the sprites. Summer is really beautiful, and Winter is quite cute, too. Again, it’s all a matter of preference, but I personally love the art style.


Jolly yet twinkly music, perfect for Christmas.


It’s in NVL, so… I didn’t notice the rest of the interface that much. Decent, I guess? It basically looked like the default Ren'PY GUI, except NVL style


It’s a rather simple love story, but I enjoyed reading it, so… props to the developers! I give this seven out of ten whipped-cream covered strawberries.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

Sadly, it's no longer available for download. OpenH Studios has removed all their work everywhere.

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