Visual Novel Review: Who is Mike?


Who is Mike?

Now, THAT is the big question.

And to be honest, in the end, I still don't know exactly the answer to the main question in this VN. Who IS Mike?

who is mike visual novel

-          interesting plot
-          love the color palette

-          CGs are not very well-made

The game starts with the protagonist waking up at night due to some strange noises. You get up to find the source of the noise, only to find, *le gasp* an exact replica of yourself. You start questioning each other, but one thing’s for sure. Either one of you is the real Mike, and both of you have no idea who the real one is.

who is mike visual novel
Watch your language, woman!
I actually really like the premise to this game. It’s a pretty new take, something that’s not very common. The characters seem pretty well-fleshed out to me, and I actually liked their interactions with each other. (The other Mike included.) Sarah and Mike’s relationship seems like a normal long-time couple’s relationship, which is also pretty refreshing to see in a visual novel. Hahaha. I mean, it’s not often that you get to play a character who’s been in a long-time relationship. After all, most VNs, or, okay, otome, focus on finding love instead. Which isn’t bad at all! I mean, come on, hahaha, that’s practically why we play them. But, yeah, it’s just cool to see a long-time relationship, for once.

Okay, in this game, there are actually a lot of choices, and I love how they actually make an impact to the story. A lot of time, we see games where there are choices simply for the sake of choices, and I’m not really a big fan of that kind of choice-making. If you’re gonna put a choice in, better make it count! And I think that’s perfectly utilized here in this VN. During Sarah’s question and answer to find out who the real Mike is, you get to “tell the truth” or “tell a lie”. I sort of have mixed feelings about this part, though. Honestly, I like how vague those choices are. They actually don’t change the dialogue much, but it just goes to show that the motive behind your words hold a lot of water when it comes to the morality of what you’re saying, I guess. But then again, I would have liked it better if the dialogue differed between the choices. Since the dialogue was the same for both choices, I suppose a little part of me felt fooled, like, "Why am I still given a choice if the outcome is the same?"
who is mike visual novel
February 27? That sure brings up some old, old memories...
I got all the endings! Yay. That’s all thanks to the official walkthrough for this game, which can be found on the developers’ Tumblr blog, right here. I suggest that you also get all the endings, to make the story a little bit more understandable, since it’s really quite vague. I think it’s the kind of story where you have to see most—if not all—of the endings in order to truly see the big picture.

Art-wise, it’s nice. I don't really like the art style very much, but hey, that’s a personal preference, and objectively speaking, it's pretty much okay. I’m just glad they match nicely with the backgrounds. I guess it has something to do with the color palette, which I think does a good job of adding to the mysterious atmosphere of this story.

One of the nicer CGs.
As for the CGs, though, I’m not super thrilled. I guess that's my only gripe in this whole visual novel. They sort of look more like incomplete sketches than ready-for-release CGs to me, so, that means they kinda look half-baked, if you know what I mean. I’m not sure. Maybe the developers just ran out of time? It would’ve been better if they were fully inked and colored though, in my opinion.
I didn’t notice the music much, then again, I’m not sure if there was much to notice.

Overall, it’s quite a nice game. 8/10. Still looking forward to more!

Download it here.

(Update: Who is Mike? is actually available now on Steam, since... oh, yesterday. Hahaha, I just wanted to update this review with that new information, but it turns out that I still hadn't posted it. I found this post in my Drafts folder. Silly me, looks like I should have posted this a few months ago, hahaha. Anyway, it's completely free, so... go give it a try, you guys!)

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