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Hi there everyone~

First of all, I want to say that this is not an otome game. This is not even a visual novel. =)

I had been looking for new visual novels to download when I came across the Global Game Jam website. Basically, it's a website that compiles different games from a huge game jam event from all over the world. The next game jam will be on January 14-16th, 2016, by the way. :)

But anyway, I saw a couple of visual novels there, and also, I came across this little gem, called "Ich". It looked really cute, and you guys know I can't resist cuteness.

game review ich global game jam
Je, 私, Ako, Ich, I.

Official Description: "A "thing" wanna find out what it is, and will look for evidence of its nature inside a mazz,[sic] full of traps and enemies."

I was actually quite intrigued since it's a French game with, as I understand it, a German name, "Ich", or the German word for I. Hahaha, I studied German briefly back in high school, but I don't think it takes a genius to make a connection. Haha. I'm not sure if it was intended, though. Still, I think it is, since it's a game about a cute white (most likely French) blob asking, "Qui je suis? (Who am I?)" and it's entitled "Ich". COOL. Okay, end rant.

game review ich global game jam
Scary electricity, huhu.
So, basically, the only thing you have to go through the game is to go through the mazes in order to find out your origins. The only controls needed are the arrow buttons, and the game is pretty easy to navigate. The art is actually really adorable and I loved watching the little blob swimming/floating/moving across the nicely drawn background.

You have to be careful controlling the little guy, though, since pointy things and whirlpools (ah, I guess he was swimming after all) can hurt him and set him back on his journey through the maze. Those were pretty easy to avoid, though. It was actually the electric thingies which shot bursts of electricity at the poor little blob where I had problems with. I'm not sure if this is solely my problem because my internet connection sucks, or if the game is just really laggy. All I know is that the little blob's movements were not smooth at all when  I played this game.

game review ich global game jam
No, little guy, don't go to that spiky thing!
Okay, so I was having a fun time moving around, avoiding the pointy things and the rocks, when I accidentally bumped the little guy into one of the rocks. Only, like a ghost, I actually passed through the said rock. And then I realized that I could move around the whole WORLD, even through the rocks.

Um... I seriously don't know if it's meant to be doing that, but if it is, um, well, that kinda takes the fun out of the game. I mean, at first, I was avoiding the rocks because I thought I wouldn't be able to pass through them, but if I could, then that practically removes the danger of the pointy things.

game review ich global game jam
Hello? Is anybody there? Hello?
Also, this game was made in Unity, and since I have no idea how Unity works, I also have no idea how to address this "problem", haha. Basically, the darkness that you're seeing above is what happens when you let the little blob go up too much. Past the beautifully colored background "maze", it's only an infinite darkness up there. A little scary, if you ask me. But shouldn't the player be confined to just the screen, though? I don't know. Like I said, I'm not a programmer, and I don't know how Unity works, so I don't have much to say about the matter. Only that it's... really quite scary for the little guy to be up there in the darkness all alone. *shivers*

game review ich global game jam
I wonder what this is? 
It's not a visual novel, so I won't be giving this any strawberries, haha, but it's a fun little game. If you do happen to pass through walls, though, just make up your own rule that says you can't. It's a lot more fun going through a maze where you actually have to be lost and confused, you know. Hahaha.

More information about this game here!

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