Review: Her Pound Of Flesh


Her Pound of Flesh by Liz England is an entry to the Asylum Jam, the same Jam that included The Buried Moon which I reviewed last month.

It's an interactive horror story that only has text, however, it is quite disturbing, so be warned if you decide to read it. It's a good thing I'm not very squeamish. Hahaha. Squeamish people with active imaginations are going to either love this or hate this. It all depends if they're fans of gore of course.

The plot is quite simple. It's about heartache, as you can see in the sidebar up there in the image, and about how far a person would go to see a loved one once more, even though she's not the same as she was before. It goes to show the great lengths one would do for the sake of love. And this interactive story shows the twisted side of that.

In some parts of the story, you get to treat her not with love, but with an animalistic maltreatment that actually made my guts swirl a bit. The descriptions made me really uneasy.

I can't get those last two endings though. Does anyone know how to get those? Haha. Please feel free to comment below.

[UPDATE 10/20/14: I got all the endings! Thank you so much to a commenter, Harry Giles! :) And to answer your question, I got Ending 3 by choosing all the "bad" answers. Basically, by being as horrible as possible. Hahaha.]

Oh, by the way, for those who haven't read it yet, you can give it a try here.

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  1. You get Ending 2 by trying to put her out of her misery in the endgame, and Ending 4 by trying to take her somewhere safe. i don't know if you have to treat her any particular way to open up those options though! And I haven't found Ending 3 -- how did you get that?

  2. Thank you, Harry!

    I tried it out again and... yay, I finally got those two endings! Thanks! (updated photo above) As for your question, well, I tried being as horrible and gross to her as possible, and... that's basically it. :)

    Have fun playing!


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