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keepsake visual novel bishoujo

"Akiyama is the kind of town which never lets its stories die. No matter how much you want them to."

: Keepsake - Orison of the Falling Leaves
Genre: BxG, slice-of-life, supernatural, mystery
Developer: Patchwork Novels

keepsake visual novel bishoujo
Kai Tatsuya
"Forget it, I'm not cut out for charity work."

16-year-old Kai Tatsuya is known as "The Beast of Akiyama High" for his violent reputation and intimidating persona. The truth is, he's actually just an average high school kid who is kind-hearted yet aloof, and perhaps a little short-tempered at times. Recently though, strange events have been happening all around his small, sleepy town, and his newly-emerged sleepwalking problem seems to be the root cause of this. Could these events point that Kai may not be as average as he thinks?

keepsake visual novel bishoujoSayuki Tachibana
"I'll become stronger. I have to if I want things to change!"

Often called Sayu-chan by her friends, Sayuki is a 15-year-old girl who is a year lower than Kai. She is the kind of girl who would jump at her own shadow... if she had one that is. Sadly, recent events have pulled this scaredy-cat into the epicenter of the paranormal. As if she didn't have a hard enough time navigating her freshman year. Sayu isn't exactly shy or introverted, though its hard to tell from the way she hides behind a stuffed dragon when dealing with people who scare her or make her feel uncomfortable. This habit of course has made her a bully magnet since elementary school, and her inability to part with the beloved plush has only made things worse for her. Thankfully, she has a saving grace. Her friends.

keepsake visual novel bishoujo
Hanako Takeda
"I'll stop pestering you once the hype surrounding you dies."

Small, flexible, and well informed on the latest gossip, 15-year-old Hanako Takeda is always among the first on a scene, even if it means wedging herself in tight spaces and occasionally getting stuck. She is a true reporter, and her accurate (Albeit greatly exaggerated) articles are the pride of the school news committee. If you ever want to find out what's going on in the realm of Akiyama high school intrigue, you talk to Hana. But if you have a secret, then keeping it safe from this nerd can make your life a living nightmare. Her capacity for cleverness should not be underestimated for she knows just how to ensnare who or what she wants. Even if they don't realize they're being kept right where she wants them.

keepsake visual novel
Kirie Nagano
"Let me in, dumb ass. I don't know what you're up against, but I do know I can help."

The Typhoon Fist of Akiyama High School. That's what everyone calls 16-year-old Kirie Nagano on the streets. It's a title she has earned... and has always considered an embarrassing blemish on her otherwise good record. Kirie moved in from an island village, and she had no way of knowing how that pretentious delinquent scene worked when she transferred over in middle school. You beat up a delinquent making a mess outside of the family business, and you get noticed. You win make a habit of winning, and suddenly you're a legend with a title, and rivals everywhere. Still, Kirie is a fighter, and she stuck to her heart's sense of justice in order to shed that minor detail.

keepsake visual novel
"I don't need my memories to be Hoshiko. I choose to be Hoshiko."

Nobody quite knows what makes 16-year-old Hoshiko tick. Not even herself. She doesn't hide anything. If she's even interested in your questions at all, it doesn't take long to get out the details that she doesn't really know how she ended up in the area. But while she is constantly dirty, and constantly violating social norms in her interactions with the locals, she seems to have a certain cleverness to her. She is constantly prospecting the area for treasures, and for whatever reason, she always seems to know exactly where to dig. Sadly, her appraisal abilities could use a bit of work. Hoshiko seems to have a high awareness to the presence of spirits, but can't see or hear them. Nor does she care. Just like the squirrels in the forest, so long as she isn't violated, there isn't really a reason to be bothered.
keepsake visual novel sylvia
"Wow, Tatsuya-kun, you totally suck at dying!"

Sylvia is a third generation reaper who likes old school RPG games, dancing, modern pop culture, and people watching. After all, watching is all she could do from behind the third veil, a layer of reality beyond even the perception of spirits, save for uniquely mortal souls who have officially met their expiration date. But ferrymen are built for solitude. So it's alright, she can handle going a few hundred years before chatting someone's deceased ears off. Still, Sylvia can't quite shake the feeling sometimes that maybe Kai can see her. A rare ability for even the most powerful mediums. This could mean a few things. And all of them are a bit unsettling to the conveyer of his soul.
keepsake visual novel yoshi
Yoshi Akihara
"What? come on, man! We're best friends, aren't we? You could trust me!"

A carefree, trouble making prankster who lives life to the beat of his own drum. 16-year-old Yoshi Akihara knows the town about as well as Hanako, and he's seen as rather shady by most of the students at Akiyama high. If not because of the high level of manipulative puppeteering performed in some of his pranks, then definitely by the company he keeps. Kai and Yoshi are seen as a tag team. Partners in crime, who might as well be playing mind games with the yakuza after school.
keepsake visual novel shiro
Shiro Takeda
"Just stand aside! I'm the hero of the story!"

Whenever a hero is needed in Akiyama, Shiro Takeda is swift to arrive with a wooden bokken in hand, and a stock hero line straight from his childhood favorite sentai series. Shiro is well liked among his classmates, and his universal, inclusive attitude shows that he has no concept of the social hierarchy, and will just as likely be in his element talking to other athletes, top students, the prettiest girls in class, and the kinda creepy otaku who only seems to talk about mecha figurines, and shonen manga. Whether he's at a kendo event leading his team to victory, or a doujinshi convention, leading a pack of neck bearded online hikikomori buddies through the gates, Shiro does so with absolute confidence in himself.
keepsake visual novel bastian
Bastian Arastoth
"You can actually eat this pigswill? Quite an impressive feat. I shall never underestimate a commoner's fortitude."

It's a well known within the first five minutes of meeting this 18-year-old foreigner that his face is in every world dictionary, in every written language, associated with the word "condescending". Despite being well traveled, this aristocrat appears to have garnered no ability to relate to the peasant stock whatsoever. Bastian Arastoth is cut from a different cloth, and he lets people know it. Nonchalantly showing off the ten dozen silver spoons he was born with just seems to be ordinary for him. Exactly what his sudden appearance in Akiyama valley one day means, along with a large western style mansion built seemingly overnight, is anyone's guess. But his powers over the arcane and illusions are quite formidable, at least for a mortal.

Hi everyone!

Ready for a new adventure? This time, it's a bishoujo romantic mystery with supernatural elements! Keepsake is a new project from Patchwork Novels, a fledgling visual novel studio. I'm currently onboard this project as a writer for one of the routes. :D

You can support this project for now using their Patreon link.

Thank you for the support! :)

Core Team:
Chocopyro: Project Lead | Scenario Designer | Photoshop Asset manipulator
Bonesy0: Programmer
Ran08: Writer
Writingprobably: Writer
ZennyPai: Writer

Commissioned Talents (Ongoing):
KahoOkashii: Sprites|Original Character Design
Daphinteresting: Original Character Design (Male character sheets)

Past Commissions:
ShojiAmasawa: Logo Design
Kazenokaze: Original Character designer (Females)
Badriel: UI design|Backgrounds

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