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Hello guys!

Long time no see, once again. How are you all doing? (I swear, this is starting to be my standard opening line for the past... year or so... huhu.) I've actually been really, really busy (I hate you so much, Accounting and Statistics) because of schoolwork, though I did get the chance to play some short visual novels two weeks ago during my Holy Week break. I'm still not yet done preparing the posts for them, though. Haha, sorry about that.

Firstly, I've got some good news though. (Well, good for me, at least. Hahaha.) I finally have a new laptop! Whew. It was so hard using my ancient (hahaha) laptop, after my old laptop died on me. That ancient laptop had like 30 minutes of battery life, and it was old and heavy, so I had to keep it plugged in at my desk at all times. Since my old laptop broke down late last December and I only got this one early last March, I hardly used a laptop at all except for schoolwork for like 2 months and a half. T___T

But anyway, it's all good now! Hahaha. <3 I still have a LOT of overdue reviews though, which I'll hopefully be able to post in a couple of weeks? (I'm looking at you, Pokemon Academy Life and War the 13th Day!)

As some of you may know, NaNoRenO 2016 has just ended (read: one week ago), so that means a whole array of new games that we can play! Hooray! NaNoRenO is an annual event where visual novel makers from the LemmaSoft Forums try to create a full game in one month, from March 1-March 30. I always love this time of the year because it means more free games for all. <3 Yippie!

Some of my favorite visual novels, like A Troll's Fairy Tale and Nanolife, were actually created in this period! It makes them so much more amazing, if you think about it. But you know, I think the real beauty of NaNoRenO is that it presents an actual challenge to the creators to just... come out with something. It doesn't have to be really great, it doesn't have to have amazing art, or awesome music... it just has to be. A lot of first time makers struggle with their first games, so NaNoRenO gives them a chance to just let go and make whatever they want in a specific span of time.

Actually, NaNoRenO was one of the things that inspired me to create my first game within a week. Coincidentally, yesterday, April 08 2016, was its 3rd anniversary. Yay!

Anyway... I decided to check out a couple of titles in this year's list of released games! I'm currently looking at 6 games to play and download:

  • Between the Lines - I think the premise is awesome. Hahaha. Plus, I like the sprite art. The backgrounds are not so good but... we'll see.
  • Magical Otoge Anholly - I wasn't a super huge fan of Magical Otoge Ciel, but this one looks interesting.
  • Heartbaked - The one I'm looking forward to playing the most! I love baking AND eating hahaha, so I also love stories that contain those themes. So excited for this one!
  • Sweet and Spices - Another baking-themed game! Hooray for these games!
  • Lads in Distress - I have to admit, it was the art that got me intrigued! <3 It sounds like my type of game, though, so...
  • Iris Dream - The summary got to me. </3 It's so sad that I just want to know what happens!
How about you guys? Have you tried playing a game from this year's NaNoRenO roster? What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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